Dota2 Auto Chess Has Not Only Evolved As a Game

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Dota Auto Chess got the biggest update since its advent on the 25th of February. The update included the addition of three new heroes to the game -Riki, Mirana and Death Prophet, reworks on a few existing heroes and changes to certain species and class related bonuses. Let’s take a look at how the new heroes fit in to Dota Auto Chess and in what way the changes will affect the game. If you are you looking for more about Auto Chess Candy Code check out our website. There was a rumor about Auto Chess being taken over by Valve right after Auto Chess broke all the records. Dota2 Auto Chess has not only evolved as a game but also helped Dota2 gain a lot more online players in recent days. After the Rubick Arcana event and new Ranked Season, the number of active players went down a little and that’s when Dota 2 Auto Chess boosted it all the way up.

Auto Chess Candy Code

While Valve makes their own games, some of the company’s more famous and popular games are actually mods based on games which they then acquired and turned it into their own thing. Some examples include Counter-Strike, which was a mod created in Half-Life, then there is also Team Fortress which was a Quake mod, and DotA 2 which was a mod made in Warcraft 3. Dota 2 Auto Chess is undoubtedly the most famous arcade game in Dota 2 so far. In fact, the game gained 4 million subscribers in the Steam Workshop just last week. What is more impressive is that currently there are over 5 million subscribers, which is just insane.

The latest Dota Auto Chess updates kind of changed the game a bit when they decided to nerf the Mage class but since then, it’s more like they decided to keep updating the game after a certain period of time and now it’s like patch changes. Dota 2 Auto Chess is one of the biggest phenomenons in the last couple of months. Having over 200 000 concurrent players, this arcade game for Dota 2 managed to captivate the community. Here’s our update on the DOTA 2 Auto Chess patch and some general tips for winning games.

Just over a month after Twitch dipped its toes into Dota Auto Chess for the first time, the streaming platform takes a full dive. Twitch Rivals, an ongoing series in which competitions are hosted for up-and-coming titles as well as for established games, returns to the Dota 2 mod on March 13. Once more, 32 Twitch streamers are invited. Although no names have been confirmed yet, it’s likely prolific names such as David “Dog” Caero, Brian “BSJ” Canavan and Chris “Feno” Tsako will show their faces again. The inaugural edition went well, apparently, as the prize pool for the second edition has been doubled to $25,000.

Items are very important in Auto Chess. A lot of players either don’t know how to use the items or they don’t know what the items do. The items have the same effect as Dota with small changes in it. In another article, I have already mentioned a few items and how they interact in the game. It also explains how to calibrate higher or come back in the game so give it a read Tricks You Need to Know to Calibrate Higher in Auto Chess.

Fans of Mobile Tank Battles World of Tanks Blitz

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Company Wargaming launched holiday gifts for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, February 23, in games World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz. Players entering World of Tanks on February 23 will fall into a festive hangar. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning World of Tanks Blitz Gold kindly go to the internet site. Participants of the game Hunting for a Scout can get an unusual machine Panhard EBR 75 8-level wheeled tank. To do this, from February 21 to March 7, you need to join the event consisting of 10 stages and complete the necessary combat missions. In the premium store you can get a discount on the car at 10% for each completed stage.

World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz prepared interesting surprises, great discounts and many combat missions for tankers. According to the established tradition, all tankers who entered World of Tanks on February 23 will fall into a festive hangar that will create the appropriate mood and inspire new victories. Tanks are in four tiers and represent six countries. You have light, medium and heavy tanks as well as tank destroyers from the U.S., Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan and China. You will start out controlling a light tank and as you build up experience, you will have the opportunity to purchase upper tier tanks.

World of Tanks Blitz Gold

This guide is mainly for teaching new players how to properly use the medium tanks. because in Tier 3, Tier 4 and 5 medium tank players have not yet learned the basics and need some improving. This guide can help with the Blitz and Normal version. When you play as a medium tank you will know that in most of the tanks the defense is not to good so please DO NOT play mediums as a heavy you can’t take hits like you could as a Heavy. Even light tanks can do really good damage to you. Parents need to know that World of Tanks Blitz is an online game in which players get into tank battles with people from all over the world. A portable version of the popular PC game World of Tanks, Blitz has players using a device’s touchscreen to move their tanks so they can shoot and hopefully destroy enemy tanks. By winning matches and destroying enemies, players earn in-game currency they can use to buy new tanks or to fix up ones they already own.

Also in the premium store expect special offers: sets with game stocks and discounts up to 70%, packages with thematic styles for the holiday with a discount of up to 31% and tempting price reductions for premium tanks of level 8 STG Gvardeets, STG and Primo Victoria. Fans of mobile tank battles World of Tanks Blitz can be offered the action “Soviet tanks on the march.” It will run from February 22, 8:00 am Moscow time to February 25, 8:00. The action includes discounts of up to 50% on the studied equipment of the USSR, tripled experience for the first victory, and so on.

So, the participants of the game Hunting for a Scout have a chance to get a very unusual car a nimble wheeled premium tank of level 8 Panhard EBR 75. To do this, from February 21 to March 7, you need to join the event consisting of 10 stages and perform necessary combat missions.

Particular Test for The Division 2 Will be Available

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Speaking of invites, they were handed out on 20 February 2019, so check your mail, just in case. Unlike in the beta events, those who are invited will not be able to invite their friends for a group run. As we previously mentioned, the test will not be available on consoles and this likely due to Ubisoft having to go through Microsoft and Sony certifications which take days or sometimes weeks. Running the test through Uplay doesn’t impose such time barriers. These tests will be implemented in time for open beta, but it is unknown whether they are performance related or simply dealing with in-game bugs. There is no NDA so in case you didn’t get invited to participate, you will likely be able to check gameplay on livestreams.

The Technical Test will only be open to select players; those curious to see if they’ve been chosen can head to their email inbox to look for an invite. Pre-orders are not guaranteed access, Ubisoft stressed, adding that invites were distributed at random to ensure a wide range of participants. Ubisoft decided on conducting this test following the private beta that they conducted recently. They must have found issues and other technical bugs which they’ll hopefully have rectified in the upcoming test, just in time for the last open beta before release.

The Division 2 Credits

Fight for what remains when The Division 2 releases on March 15th. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with The Division 2 Phoenix Credits, you possibly can email us on our own page.  Warm up a bit first with the open beta that will be available on March 1st, through until March 4th. The developer says it wants to test some fixes made following the conclusion of the private beta earlier this month. These are likely technical fixes more than balance, which should all hopefully make for a smooth launch for the open beta. There’s no way to directly sign up for this test, but Ubisoft will email you today if you’ve been selected. There’s nothing you can do to guarantee access, either, as invites will be random.

In a recent discussion with the developers we learned more about the world that the studio has crafted with The Division 2, including why they chose to set the story in Washington D.C. When asked about the setting, the developer stated, It’s this idea of upping the stakes. The post office in New York was a beautiful building, but it wasn’t necessarily extremely meaningful for the nation. Those who make it to Technical Test will have access to similar content as in private beta, with the exception of Conflict, endgame and the Photo Mode. PvP will still be available through Dark Zone. Apparently, the test’s main purpose is to deliver a smoother experience during open beta, which is kicking off on 01 March 2019 so a more enjoyable experience should be available then.

It won’t be open to everyone, but players who have been selected will be receiving email invites today. Ubisoft has stressed that pre-order customers are not guaranteed to get in, as the invites are being “distributed at random to ensure a wide range of participants.” Accessibility to the Division 2 PC only technical test will be granted by Ubisoft to randomly selected players. There’s no form of officially signing up except for having played the private beta.

MUT 19 Ultimate Team Playoff Performer Cards for Sale

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With the previous weekly drop of limited time items, Primetime Performers, Madden 19 has introduced a new promo to go along with the playoff season entitled Playoff Performers. The latest cards are comprised of special players from the past year who put in a solid effort to help their team out during the postseason. The latest drop includes two guys who aren’t participating this 2019 NFL playoffs but who were contributors in a recent postseason.


Madden 19 Ultimate Team Playoff Performer: Packers’ Randall Cobb

Yes, it’s another Packers LTD, this time in the form of Randall Cobb, who follows the likes of Legends middle linebacker Ray Nitschke, Ghosts of Christmas Present Aaron Rodgers and Ghosts of Christmas Future Jaire Alexander who all received LTD items in the last three weeks.


To make matters worse, it’s unlikely anyone but Packers fan will opt to use this card, as 93 Speed and above average receiving stats don’t necessarily add extra value to an item already imbued with a base 500,000 coin price tag that comes with every LTD item.


While Cobb should at some point receive a Power-Up item as a result of this update, it’s a best a solid gadget item for Packers theme teams, who by this point have invested so many cards in LTD items that it simply doesn’t pay to continue to do it.


Madden 19 Ultimate Team Playoff Performer: Jaguars’Jalen Ramsey

The Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey is another new Ultimate Team Playoff Performer card to look for. The talented corner was a star for the Jacksonville squad that nearly dethroned Tom Brady and the New England Patriots last postseason. if you wanna play Jalen Ramsey, come and buy Cheap Madden 19 Points at, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and fast delivery.


Ramsey appeared in three games during the 2017 NFL Playoffs. He’d end up with an interception and seven solo tackles, as well as an assisted tackle during that time. Having him roaming the field as AFC QBs tried to connect with their receivers was a major help for the Jags’ run.


Ramsey also gets a 95 overall player card. It includes 90 ratings across the board too. As seen above, his best skills include a 95 Press, 94 Man Coverage, 94 Acceleration, and 93 Zone Coverage. That’s a great addition to your roster if you’re trying to prevent those big passing plays down the field.


The Madden Ultimate Team Playoff Performer cards are available for a limited time. However, they join a fun NFL Playoffs event that is ongoing in the game. Gamers can log into Ultimate Team and complete team challenges for NFL Playoff contender teams this postseason to earn great rewards.


Along with the drop of the LTD items, “special” stream was teased for Sunday at 4:00 p.m. EST.

While EA could go in any number of directions with their content plan, following timelines from past years, the Sunday special is expected to yield some information on the Team of the Year program, which gives a 95-plus overall item to upwards of 24 players at a relatively affordable rate.


For veterans of Madden Ultimate Team, Team of the Year is widely considered to be one of the best promos to improve a lineup on a year-in, year-out basis, and is the unofficial start to MUT Season, which dramatically begins to churn out even higher overall cards.

Where to Earn NBA 2K19 VC for MyTeam without Spending Money

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Please keep your mind in NBA 2K19, to win more matches is exciting but you should focus more on real life basketball. While the mode has improved from last year, it can still be a little overwhelming when you begin. As you can see, you might be looking for the Auction House, and you’re wondering how to start bidding on available cards. If that’s the case, I’m here to help. This is good, Kawhi has been the best player on the best team this year and there’s no doubt he’s a top 5 player right now. His defense has been as good as always and he’s more assertive on offense.


Cute won’t make any score, but you can lure your opponents with a cute name, you can let your sister to chat with your opponent to beg him to let you win. There were hints Arenas would be added to the game at some point. Roster creators and MyCareer fans noticed Arenas’ free-throw routine had been included in the game. Once you finish this 2K19 Guide, You can establish your own channel to teach other 2K19 gamers how to play the game better in this winter. This NBA 2K19 Guide is all-inclusive, so the content may be a little messy, don’t care it.


3-point is the best way to make scores swiftly, but you should find a 95+ rating shooting big man first. In fact, the Houston Rockets’ James Harden and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook both produced triple-doubles in wins over the Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks, respectively on New Year’s Eve. Three days ago we report the Madness event for 2k19 fans. Why not have a try on They are the best seller of NBA 2K19 VC online? All over the world people know this, why you so ill-informed?


A very interesting phenomenon – there are still many gamers asking about whether the NBA 2K19 is worthy buying or not. Outside of your regular games such as a 3 on 3 or a bouncing great time with the special courts, you are also able to do such things like play in a dodge ball event. These events happen at timed intervals, but can be a great source of stress relief after a hard day of balling against opponents.


If you love the game, you had already bought the game since its release. That will help gamers potentially win those MVP awards that bring a cool 250K in 2K19 VC! They don’t mention how many MVPs there are going to be but the commentator specifics “winners” so it will be multiple gamers Visual Concepts has also worked to address the other progression issue that people complained about: The reward of VC in MyCareer games and activities meant that it took forever to build up your character’s skills. That’s quite some incentive to get into the Neighborhood and enjoy the holiday event next week. There are no Most Important Person, every gamer are the important element of the basketball video game.

Take a Look at the 10 Things You Should Know about Fallout 76

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The next piece of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic Fallout franchise will be available on November 14 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s called Fallout 76, and by all accounts, it is a noticeably different experience than the previous versions of the series. If you have any queries relating to in which and how to use Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. Bethesda officially launched Fallout 76 today, and already it has received hundreds of negative reviews on Metacritic. The majority of these reviews are for the PS4 version of the game, but the game as whole has a current total of 421 negative reviews. Far fewer positive reviews have been posted to metacritic, adding up to just 123.


The last problem with Fallout 76 is that though the world is full of odd inhabitants and places, it’s strangely cold, without any living human characters. This creates a weird problem where there’s not really a goal for players. They can level up their character, launch nukes and defeat more powerful monsters, but without any characters to cement those accomplishments, the quests and lore feel more ephemeral than grounded.

Bethesda’s decision to demolish this key pillar of narrative and gameplay and put in its place a rickety online multiplayer component was a mistake. Human players will never provide the same narrative substance of written NPCs, and while multiplayer can be a lot of fun in certain contexts, eliminating NPCs makes the game feel empty, soulless, and disposable in the larger context of the franchise’s legacy.

In Vault 76 itself, there are plenty of items you can interact with but there isn’t much you can actually loot, aside from the starter gear. The game wants to push you out into the open world fairly quickly. Strolling through the vault, you will find robots that will teach you a few things about surviving out in the main world, while also giving you your starting gear, which includes your C.A.M.P, stimpacks, etc.

Like lots of frustrated gamers, many 76-ers aren’t into the idea of coughing up more money to get the full Fallout experience. Beginning in the world of mobile games and slowly seeping into full console releases, paying for more features, cosmetic or functional, is an unwelcome reality of the current market. Not only are these for-purchase features an easy revenue source for developers, they can also provide necessary post-release funding for game support. Simply put, publishers and developers aren’t villains for wanting to make money; that’s just why they exist. However, motivation aside, many players aren’t looking forward to spending more cash. But we’re not giving creators any reason to reconsider that strategy.

Fallout 4 is not a game known for innovation, but it did make the bold creative choice to cast the player as an anthropomorphic vacuum cleaner. Across the wasteland you went, hoovering up every tin can and test tube in your path. Occasionally you whined about some dust buster named Shaun, but we all knew why you were there. The junk. You had to suck up all the junk.

Guides for 8 Ball Pool Will Help You to Improve Your Game Fast

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With many great guides this application will help you to be a winner of the game. After a while you will see how you become stronger and bigger and you as a player will become a powerful for everyone in game. There’s been some fantastic games on web this year but we wanted to know what was your favourite? What game would win our people’s Choice award?


We’ve got a huge amount of news for you, plus a ton of player-created 8 Ball artwork that we’ve received this month from the community. When a person overlooks or when the cue 8 ball pool shoots most of the six pocket holes or when he shoots unsuitable ball, he may lose his turn along with the adversary emerged a chance of a try. Guide 8 Ball Pool Tricks is not made by Game development and is not endorsed by Game development and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Game development or any of it’s employees.

Billiard tables for follow up game room are unique from those for professional assist. If you are looking for a table for home play, then whenever you have too much trouble buying a good, affordable table from a reputable retail establishment. The game is all about hitting the desired ball into the desired pocket. What can help you is the path to which the ball will go straight into the pocket and nothing else.

We’ve just released some brand new tables and cues for you to customize your game even further. Check out the Elven and Insane frames, cloths and patterns in the Pool Shop. From there, we whittled it down to a Final Five and then in a last vote, our winner was crowned. This means that your friends have no excuse not to take up the challenge and give you a game of 8 Ball. The next important thing is the furnishings and wood. The suitable choice of furniture for the game-room is important to achieve 8 Ball Pool tricks usability and knowledge. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Safe 8 Ball Pool Cash, you could call us at our own webpage.

The images contained within are copyrighted by Game development and all information are intellectual property of Game development and their game. A first-rate pool table is well worth the cost that can last a for a long time time, so if you’re going decide to buy 8 Ball Pool tricks you may as well get the best one that’s within monetary.

As you will have seen, the new currency Pool Cash is now live on the web. We’ve started everyone off with 5 Pool Cash, and you’ll soon have the opportunity to earn more Cash when you level up in the game. For every game, every pot, every trickshot, every cool bit of 8 Ball artwork that you’ve spent time making, it’s been an incredible year. Please note that the number of available tournaments will be temporarily reduced to 3 London, Sydney and Moscow while we roll out some new security fixes. Soon, the others will be re-opened.

Ubisoft Seems to Have Added Two New Trophies to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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Odyssey gives players total freedom in a lot of respects, that’s why my biggest advice for those playing for the first time is to go all-out. Don’t be shy about sweet talking those characters you find interesting. In order to begin your quest to defeat all of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s mythical beasts, you must first complete the main quest United Front, which is part of Story Sequence 7.

This is particularly relevant for the PC-bound, who are missing out on all the frontier shenanigans. Doesn’t mean we can’t all share a laugh as Honest Game Trailers picks Ubisoft’s latest apart. While its implementation of RPG mechanics is still far from perfect, Odyssey does represent a more serious effort to transition the series between genres. Express Online recently spoke to narrative director Melissa MacCoubrey about how big an impact player choice has on the game. The latest entry in the long-running series features new role-playing elements, as well as player choice.

The Black Wind

The first Epic Ship added to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is The Black Wind. To accept the quest to find and defeat the ship, either head over to the notice board on your ship, or to one on land. Starting with the two that don’t have a quest marker. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to Buy AC Odyssey Helix Credits kindly pay a visit to the web site. As you approach, watch for one of the three ships moving away from the other two and move to engage that one.


The Last Fight of Aristaios Quest Guide

Based on your previous decisions, if you spared The Wolf of Sparta, Nikolaos, at the start of the game, he’ll step in to finish off the champion no fighting necessary. To track down Aristaios, you need to head over Lake Kopais in the centre of Boeotia. In the centre of the lake is an island. On the eastern tip of this island is where you will find Aristaios.

As for the Trophies themselves, The first tasks you with completing a mission called The Show Must Go On, and the second has you defeat Steropes the Lightning Bringer. To play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, then, is to endure a tension: Wanting to do more, wanting to continue the journey, and not having the damn time to do it. It’s also important to note that not every relationship in the game has to be a deep seeded proclamation of love. Empedokles will then offer you the Left to Dye sidequest, which tasks you with finding his purple cloak.

One of the big things Assassin’s Creed does right is attention-to-detail, especially when it comes to the environment. The main story consists of several plot threads that you can eventually pursue at your leisure. Once you’ve taken out all three ships, you’ll earn The Black Wind cosmetic for your ship, as well as a sizable chunk of xp and crafting resources.

MacCoubrey also explained how Assassin’s Creed handles continuity, what she wants from the next-gen and if we can expect the game to come to Nintendo Switch. In the northeast of the city, you’ll find a side-quest marker on a man called Timon. This quest is called Sibling Revenge.

Online Game 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer is One of the Most Often Played Pool Games

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Many users love avatar feature of Miniclip 8 Ball Pool offered in-app game which you can purchase with coins and cash. If you found the normal quality of image then don’t worry just download it and upload it to the 8 ball pool account it will still look better because Miniclip shows a small image. With the new Legendary cues, you can now have up to 6% payback of your entry fee per cue. The final percentage is random and depends on various factors.

Practice Without Guidelines

Just use the Disable Guideline in Offline Mode option, then choose Practice Offline from the menu, and play without guidelines to your heart’s content. Once you’ve got the hang of it, get online and take on the world.


With Cue Craft, some items are more customisable than others, with options that can be changed depending on your playing preference. These options include: Butt Joint, Cue Length, Cue Weight, Ferrule and Joint material, Joint position, Tip make and Tip Size. Be it real or virtual, the rules of the game differ with the number of balls being played with. In general, eight balls are played with cue sticks, a cue ball, and 15 object balls.

The game also brings a tournament in which you have to win three games in a row. With the coins you win, you can unlock new items or various bonuses that will make the game easier to play. This game actually came a bit close, but it gets out of being called a scam on a technicality. Moreover, it is a sacred best game of billiards on mobile by the gamer. Like the classic billiards game, the goal is to get the eight balls into the holes. If you are searching something different we have collected some of the best coolest attitude Miniclip 8 Ball Pool avatar for boys available below in high-quality resolutions which you can use this in your 8BP profile for free.

These avatar are gifted by Miniclip but it has expire now therefore I share all 8 Ball Pool avatar full hd picture with all users. If you loved this article and you would like to receive more info regarding Safe 8 Ball Pool Cash kindly visit our website. 8 Ball Pool avatar now working because had expired. Probably, if you already knew that you would fully receive your entry fee back, maybe you wouldn’t put the same effort as you would normally do.

Customize Your Controls

There are two options in the Settings menu on mobile that we recommend you experiment with: Power Bar Location and Power Bar Orientation. These shift where the power bar appears in the game. We sometimes get messages from mobile players who find it tricky to make a precise shot because the cue control is too sensitive.

Fixtures and fittings come in brass as standard with all our 8 Ball pool cues but can be customised to stainless steel with selected Cue Craft cues. This game by Miniclip also features different cities that provide pool tables in variations. Also, the game has a huge collection of cues. If you are someone that plays the game every day then remembering to collect your daily coins will not be a huge deal.

Anniversary Version of MapleStory 2 is Online Now for You to Reveal the Exciting Content

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Time flies, MapleStory 2 is a year old with the adventurous adventurers adventure on the mainland is full of laughter. In order to thank the adventurers who have always supported MapleStory 2, the game has prepared a full-fledged anniversary party for everyone, invite everyone to participate in this anniversary event in addition to new activities and benefits, etc.

The long-lost mushroom king is also wearing his birthday dress and gorgeous return, with his rich gift to participate in the lively birthday party of MapleStory 2. If you cherished this article and also you would like to obtain more info concerning Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos kindly visit our web site. The adventurers can damage the mushroom king by using the blocking robe cream given in the game, you can get the mushroom king ranking reward and the mushroom king level reward. The higher the ranking and rank, the more reward you will receive.

It is worth mentioning that the top three players in the injury are able to get a special birthday cake element crown. Mushroom King’s 1st Anniversary Cake Box can also be used to create a variety of items such as the epic 1-slot conversion scroll, the legendary 2-slot conversion scroll, and the epic property change coupon.

The store of the King of Mushrooms has also been updated. The adventurers can use the 1st MapleStory King Coin obtained from the Mushroom King Award, and they can also exchange various items at the designated NPC.

Reward Easy to Take a Massive Event

Do you think that the anniversary is just the return of the mushroom king? The island is full of various birthday elements, except for the adventurers who directly feel the anniversary celebration on the scene. On September 20th, the gem upgrade support, the first anniversary cake, the starlight celebration, the anniversary party, the birthday party invitation Han and other activities are also offered to everyone helping adventurers grow faster in this anniversary celebration.


Islanders need to collect 2 kinds of props to redeem equipment and fashion gemstone upgrade materials at the NPC. The dark essence can be obtained by defeating various monsters or copy monsters in the wild, while Lumina research and star glasses are available at NPC Cherry.

In addition to the above activities, the adventure world of the anniversary is full of interesting activities waiting for everyone to explore. It is worth mentioning that after completing the special mission of NPC Scarlett, the adventurers can also get a set of dark neon weapon selection boxes, which looks super cool.

New Special Effects Fashion Debut

The anniversary version is a constant surprise of the event! Anniversary, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day activities will follow, the new special effects fashion fallen angels set will appear in the mysterious box of the 1st anniversary of happiness, in addition to many benefits, it will also add a new mount, double action expression, new Fashion and property badges, etc.

The background story of the MapleStory 2 Eyes, in the latest version of MapleStory 2, the eye is a more important copy. This copy is still a series of copies, and naturally there are more important parts in this series of copies.