Godfall Echoes With fantasy RPG game Godfall releasing this week on PC many fans are no doubt wondering when they will be able to download the hotly-anticipated title. Well luckily for us the official Gearbox Twitter account has released a handy guide to let everyone know precisely when the game will be available.

Inverse can confirms that Godfall’s file size is 43.48 GB on the PC version. Meanwhile a tweet from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford suggests that the PS5 file size for Godfall is around 50 GB. While it’s not as large as a game like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War it will occupy a noticeable chunk of your PS5’s SSD

Due to launch Thursday November 12th on Sony’s PlayStation 5 and PC via Epic Games store (an Xbox Series S/X version may come after about six months as that’s when the timed console exclusive deal ends) the game has been labeled a ‘looter-slasher’ by the developers at Counterplay Games due to its melee combat focus installed upon a cooperative action RPG gameplay design.

Touted as looter slasher for its reliance on blades polearms and war hammers Godfall players will be ploughing their way through five Elemental Realms. Each is themed in accordance with its element and there’s no doubt Counterplay weaved some real magic here.

The fantasy action-RPG has fluid melee combat and loot progression mechanics which has led to it being described as a looter-slasher. It’s been confirmed that Godfall won’t feature microtransactions or have players “waiting for content” Cheap Godfall Echoes as you’ll be able to play the full game on day one. The game’s story is set in a world with four elemental-based realms and you’ll take on the role of a Valorian Knight to prevent a world-ending disaster.

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