The World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch has been officially confirmed for May 19 on European servers, simultaneously with the release of two premium packages that can be purchased, the Dark Portal Pass for € 39 and the Deluxe Edition for € 69. However, it will be enough to pay the canonical subscription to have access to TBC Classic, and it is not mandatory to buy anything: the packages are in fact optional.

In terms of operation, your characters will each have a deactivated clone on each version of the game which will be a copy of your character dating from just before the prepatch arrived on World of Warcraft Classic, thus keeping your inventory and your precious spare parts. ‘gold, the contents of your bank, the contents of your mailbox and finally your list of contacts. It is also important to note that you will not be able to choose a new realm for your clone, for example if you have played Finkle in WoW Classic, you will have the choice between Finkle in Era Classic or Finkle in Burning Crusade Classic.

With the pre-patch we not only get access to the extended talent trees, the adjustments for buff cap, values ​​and Co. or the general class adjustments. We are also allowed to create blood elves (horde) and draenei (alliance) and level them beyond the new starting zones to level 60. And since there is currently little to do in Classic Phase 6, some players use the time to optimally prepare for the pre-patch and their offspring.

Other changes will appear:

Changed the price of the Epic Mount to 100 gp (was 1000 gp) but now requires a skill costing 600 gp.
The 60% mount is now accessible from level 30 instead of 40.
About 30% leveling nerve

The prepatch therefore largely provides enough to fill your playing hours during the two weeks separating it from the full release of TBC Classic!

How to keep your character on Burning Crusade Classic and Era Classic?
Blizzard has however announced that it will be possible to activate the clones of his character on both versions of the game simultaneously thanks to a paid service in the amount of 15 euros (source). However, you must be careful about your choice because customer support will not be able to help you in the event of an error when activating a clone (source).

In short, here is the procedure:

Connect your character to one of two clients and activate the first free clone to unlock it, whether on the Progression server or the Classic Era server.
From there buy the paid Character Cloning service to activate your disabled clone on the other version of the game

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