Piggy Tokens Travis Scott may not be the king of video game concerts for long. After Trav drew more than 45.8 million viewers for his five Fortnight show in April Lil Nas X put up similarly impressive numbers when he dipped into the kid-friendly virtual game platform Roblox for four shows over two days this weekend.

It’s a huge number for Roblox and it puts the game’s ability to hold a concert up there with Fortnite. In April Fortnite hosted a similarly impressive performance from Travis Scott that drew 45.8 million viewers across five shows. Scott’s show had 27.7 million unique attendees; Roblox didn’t announce a unique viewership figure.

While many artists have performed virtual concerts in recent years and over the course of the pandemic some of music’s biggest names are turning to video game platforms like Roblox and “Fortnite” to host elaborate concert events. Rapper Travis Scott put on a visually stunning virtual concert in ‘Fortnite’ earlier this year that drew in an audience of over 12 million live viewers. In May a four-piece indie band called Courier Club organized Block By Blockwest an immersive music festival featuring bands like Idles The Wrecks and Sir Sly that was held entirely in Minecraft with the support of DigitalOcean and Cloudflare.

Experiences like virtual concerts are key to Roblox’s longer-term goal of creating a richer metaverse which makes for a more fully interactive online world complete with its own economy and culture for users. “It combines gaming Piggy Coins social media and entertainment. It’s this fully immersive vast diverse universe of experiences,” Vlassopulos says. “We love this notion of human co-experience and anyone can tell you music’s a big part of that.”

LNX made it worthwhile for his fans serving up the live debut of his “Holiday” single and performing some of his most beloved hits (“Panini,” “Old Town Road,” “Rodeo”) on themed stages.

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