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Onmyoji Arena to Open S9 Season by adds new Shikigami

by myadmin

Onmyoji Arena has reached season nine already, and it’s bringing with it some fresh content. The biggest addition is a new Shikigami and one that fans should be all too familiar with.

Mt. Dream Hakuzosu which can morph into different things, has now entered the arena. With its original form as a white fox spirit, it is able to take many forms, giving it an array of attacks.One moment, it can be a human with its own set of attacks and the next it can be something much more sinister. By transforming into a Yukai, this makes Hakuzosu one of the trickiest characters to control in the game, but if used properly, it can be the most fun too.

A group of Youkai is said to punish sinners in Heian-kyō, called Enchantress. This new skin series will be introduced to three popular Shikigami, namely: Ubume, Vampira and Ittan-momen. They will respectively punish the sin of rage, the sin of green, and the sin of lust. Find them in Heian-kyō at night to hunt for sinners. If you want to know the safest way to buy Onmyoji Arena Accounts, I recommend you buy it via, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

For starters, the game randomly selects a Shikigami for you, so if you were too comfortable with one, you’ll have to quickly adjust here. You also can’t make purchases from the Base except for during the opening scene of the mode or when being resurrected.

Last but not least is the opening of the 5 v 5 Single Line Combat Mode Mix-up Fight in Hazama, for faster paced combat.This game mode will randomly assign a Shikigami to each player, or through lucky draw. Players can only buy items from the Base during the start of the game or when your hero is resurrected. The Base will no longer restore health or mana in this mode, but players will instead receive a variety of buffs to make the battle more fun.