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NBA 2K18 at G! how to play

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Fieramilanocity all ready for the event dedicated to children and families who anticipates Christmas. Also featured is NBA2K18 with its version for Nintendo Switch along with the players of Olimpia Milano.

Milan 15 November 2017 – It is far short of Christmas and like every year the anticipation of the most anticipated holiday of the year is celebrated at G! how to play event scheduled at Fieramilanocity (Padiglioni 3 and 4) from 17 to 19 November.

The NBA 2K18 version for Nintendo Switch at the Olimpia Milano stand will be available at the show which for the occasion has created an area entirely dedicated to basketball.

The area dedicated to Olympia and NBA 2K18 will be animated every day from tournaments and entertainment activities and Saturday afternoon at 6pm will host some of the first team players.

A basketball and video game weekend all to play!

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About NBA 2K18’s Microtransactions

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NBA 2K18’s microtransactions have been a point of concern for Take-Two’s latest NBA installment, and the issue hasn’t gone unnoticed by the company’s CEO.

Amid the earnings reports for the publisher that were recently released, Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke during an earning call on Nov. 7 and commented on the microtransactions that many players have taken issue with. Critics and players alike have commented that they can barely navigate through the game without running into one microtransaction or another, but Zelnick said that the purchase apparently aren’t stopping players from taking part in 2K18 with the number of active players and the game’s sales both rising.

But that doesn’t mean that Zelnick and Take-Two haven’t heard players concerns, and the CEO said that they’re taking comments into consideration.

“We take consumer feedback very, very seriously indeed,” Zelnick during the earnings call. “There has been some pushback about monetization in the industry. The good news is the title was reviewed extraordinary well. People love it. The other news is that entertainment is a want-to-have business, not a must-have business.”

Part of the frustration that comes from the purchases stems from the in-game currency that’s a bit tougher to come by in 2K18. The system has been present in previous games prior to 2K18, but the latest game is a bit stingy with the currency compared to previous titles, a change that makes it feel like getting tangled up with microtransactions is almost necessary to accomplish your goals. While numerous reviews – including our own – commented on the swamp of microtransactions that you have to wade through to play the game, Zelnick said that players are still choosing to be active in the game before restating that they value the feedback.

“People vote ultimately with the usage. And the usage on this title is up 30 percent in terms of average daily users,” Zelnick said. “The title itself, unit sales are up 20 percent year-over-year. So people are clearly voting that they love NBA 2K18 and the reviews reflect that as well. That said, we are concerned about any perception, any negative feedback .. and we’re taking it really seriously.”

Houston Rockets,NBA 2K18 ratings

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It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s favorite basketball video game has dropped its “2K18” version. That’s right, we’re here to talk about NBA 2K18. And more specifically, we’re going to take a look at the player ratings for the Houston Rockets.

Now that they’ve added Chris Paul (and a slew of defenders), the Rockets will be a team of choice for many gamers. They’ve got two of the greatest playmakers and point guards in the NBA, numerous shooters surrounding them, quality big men and countless defenders. That combination makes for a deadly team in both real life and on the sticks.


With that being said, let’s analyze the player ratings for Houston in this year’s version of the game, looking for players that are potentially overrated or underrated.

Player ratings:

James Harden – 95
Chris Paul – 91
Eric Gordon – 80
Clint Capela – 79
Trevor Ariza – 78
Ryan Anderson – 78
Nene – 77
Luc Mbah a Moute – 76
P.J. Tucker – 76
Tarik Black – 73
Troy Williams – 71
Zhou Qi – 69
Chinanu Onuaku – 69
Isaiah Taylor – 68
Demetrius Jackson – 68
Tim Quarterman – 67

Right off the bat you may notice that Bobby Brown is missing from the roster. He should join the roster in the game’s first update and be rated around a 70.

For the most part, the Rockets are a top-heavy team, with two star players rated 91 or above, followed by a slew of players rated anywhere from 76-80. It’s nice to see players such as Mbah a Moute, Nene and P.J. Tucker get a rating boost from last year’s game as (mostly) defensive role players are often overlooked in NBA 2K.

With that being said, there are some ratings that can be improved/changed to more accurately reflect the player’s value.

It’s hard to argue that any player on the Rockets is overrated in 2K. The closest player would be Ryan Anderson, who actually received a slight rating boost up to a 78.

Anderson’s elite shooting and floor-spacing is crucial for the Rockets’ offense, but when he isn’t hitting his shots (like during the 2017 NBA Playoffs) he can be an extreme liability. His defense is very poor and his rebounding has significantly decreased in recent seasons, essentially making him a one-trick pony.

It’s interesting that his rating improved in 2K18, but it would be fair to knock him down to a 76 or 77.
Underrated players

Two players come to mind when discussing the players that 2K underrated this year. First is Eric Gordon. The reigning Sixth Man of the Year checks in at 80, which is a solid rating before you realize it is the same rating that rookies Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz have.

Now, Fultz and Ball are two of the most hyped rookies in recent memory, but they shouldn’t be the same rating as Gordon, who has established himself as an elite shooter and secondary playmaker.

Gordon should really be up around 82, and if he can stay healthy and repeat his early season success from last year he may very well hit that rating in the near future.

The second player is Clint Capela. The rim-running, shot-blocking Swiss big man checks in at a 79, but he is another Houston player that should be in the low 80s. Capela struggles in certain matchups (see the first round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder), but excels in others. He dominated in the second round of the playoffs last season, and with Chris Paul in town Capela should take another jump.

Capela is poised for a breakout season, and if that does indeed happen his rating will surely jump into the low 80s alongside Gordon.

Who Will Win The 2018 NBA Finals, According To NBA 2K18

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With the 2018 NBA season set to get rocking and popping soon the good folks at 2K Games thought it necessary to simulate the season beforehand and see how well its own under-the-hood design holds up in NBA 2K18 for predicting who will actually walk away the champions in 2018 and it’s the Golden State Warriors.

There’s a Facebook note detailing the process that 2K went through in simulating the NBA finals and how it managed to reach that end goal with the final two teams. The studio ran a MyLeague season simulation and came up with the final showdown between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors.

Chris Paul took the Houston Rockets to one of the other slots to dwindle down on the competition and move one step closer toward the finals. While the team managed to knock off the Oklahoma City Thunder they took a fall to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

On the other side of the states the Eastern Conference Finals saw the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers going head to head with the Celtics managing to win the rivalry. While Lebron had a strong showing it was Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward that supposedly made the difference in determining whether the Celtics would move on or end their conference run at the hands of King James.
The Celtics may have had a comeback story to tell in the NBA 2K18 simulation and they surely may have managed to best the Cavaliers but it wasn’t enough to dethrone the Golden State Warriors.

In the simulation things ended after five games with the Warriors taking home the crown in the playoffs.

EA Sports has been predicting the Super Bowl for years now and sometimes the games were almost eerily identical to the real-life results especially Madden NFL 15 and the Super Bowl XLIX prediction or how close Madden NFL 17 came to predicting Super Bowl LI which actually mirrored real-life to some degree when the Patriots were down heading into the fourth and Brady would manage to make some impossible passes to cinch the win.

We’ll see if 2K Sports has finely tuned the gameplay experience for NBA 2K18 to properly predict what will unfold next year during the NBA 2018 season playoffs or if the engine under the hood is a bit off and will lead to vastly different results.

NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation game published by 2K Sports for PS4/ XboxOne/PC. The player mainly plays NBA basketball games with real-life or customized players and teams. Players purchase card packs by NBA 2K18 MT & VC which will give the player random items.

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How to Make NBA 2K18 My Career Mode Better

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NBA 2K18

The football season is winding down making way for us to turn our attention to the happenings in the NBA, which – if you’re like me – means it’s about time to actually crack open NBA 2K13. I’ve been playing the game over the last couple of weeks and noticed on every important detail: My Career is still an abomination.
Unfortunately, the 2K series has reached that unimpeachable level of greatness reserved for Lord Of The Rings, President Obama and Nas. If you criticize them you’re just a curmudgeon-y hater. But the fact is, NBA 2K‘s My Career mode is consistently one of the worst features in all of sports games.
Here are five reasons the feature sucks and five ways to make it better.

NBA 2K18Suck 1: Your Player Is The Worst Player In NBA History – This is the main reason My Career is so frustrating. You start with a player you’ve made up from head to toe but you can’t adjust his attributes at all. This, of course, prevents you from amping up your skills to 99s across the board like you could in NBA Live 95. However they start your player’s skills so low that he’s easily the worst player in the NBA. Seriously, he can’t shoot, pass or defend. He misses layups and easy buckets on the regular. Honestly, it takes about 40 games for you to have the makings of a player deserving of a spot on an NBA roster. And the journey to making him decent is downright painful to play. I keep finding myself saying “of course he missed it” after damn near every shot.

Solution 1: Way back when Madden was good they had a combine where your incoming skill was based on mini-games you played before the season started. This could easily be implemented here as you could build up your attributes based on how you perform during certain rookie camp challenges. That way you wouldn’t automatically be the shittiest player ever. Also, the rookie camp would hopefully be more fun than the boring ass drills they have now. More on that later.

NBA 2K18Suck 2: Draft Logic – There isn’t any. First of all, my player is so horrible yet based on a performance at the Rookie Showcase, he got selected in the lottery. To make it, sillier the player, a shooting guard, got drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks who currently have Monte Ellis and Brandon Jennings. Why would a team use a lottery pick on a kid that will never start a game?

Solution 2: A more realistic AI to make better decisions for teams (this goes for Association mode as well) will go a long way to getting your player on a team that makes sense. Also, it’ll help assure he starts since he is a lottery pick.
Suck 3: Practice? Really? – Improving your player is based on accumulating points to buy skills so he can hit the f*cking rim on layups. And you know the best way to get points? Practice! Drills! Stuff real people hate getting paid millions to do. So why would I want to fake do drills on a video game? That’s like Street Fighter having a mini-game where I make calls to book fight venues.

Solution 3: In Franchise Mode you can just schedule practices and watch your team improve. This should be the case in My Career or at least the option should be available. I bought the game to play basketball games not Figure eight drills.

NBA 2K18Suck 4: How Fun It Is When Your Player Is Finally Good – The worst part about My Career is that you will still find yourself powering through countless hours of boring, sh*tty games until your player gets good. Then the games become so much fun but, with the time needed for the grind, you could just scrap the mode and go play Association or something. There is a good payoff at the end of My Career. However, getting there is more chore than game. Point blank: it’s just not fun to get your player to where he’s good. And really, aren’t games supposed to fun?

Solution 4: Back in 2K11 the Jordan career mode had MJ start his rookie year at a 79 rating. The game was still challenging and MJ had room for improvement. That’s a good start. Keep in mind how unrealistic it is for a player to start a season unable to hit a jumper the end the season dropping 40 points. So this goes back to the original solution: make My Player suck less and My Career will follow suit.

NBA 2K18Suck 5: Oh, well this makes total sense – While browsing the NBA 2K13 features I saw that you can actually buy Virtual Currency to make your player better. Well, now it makes total sense. The quickest way to earn a ton of points for your player is to shell out a few extra bucks to boost his stats. And honestly that’s the only way he quickly improves at this rate. So a video game that costs $59.99 is essentially making a feature unbearable so you can send them a few more bucks. That’s pretty pathetic.

Solution 5: Don’t be greedy bastards. That’s a start.

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Best Way to Get 4000 NBA 2K18 MT Points Quickly

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How to get NBA 2K18 points? Aren’t Small partners very curious about this problem? In MT Mode, gamers have to spend real money if the player wants to buy things in the store. Many novice players don’t know how to earn points after starting the game. here are the best solution for beginner to get 4000 NBA 2K18 MT ponits. what we need to focus most are the control of various details and the handle of setting, the two are the very critical places in the game. learning how to get NBA2K18 ponits can help gamers quickly to brush points. gamers who want to understand the details of the control come together and have a look at various methods.

NBA 2K18

How To Unlock NBA 2K18 Defender Pro Grand Badge?
Meanwhile, playing the archetype’s strength is said to yield any grand badge in NBA 2K18. The Locked Defender Pro grand badge is believed to be unlocked if players can dominate several different teammate grades. Game producer Zach Zimmerman has confirmed that gamers may simply dominate in stat category in correlation with one’s specific archetype.
The NBA 2K18 grand badges may also be acquired by slashers who dominate layups and dunks. The Glass Cleaner will also be achieved by dominating the boards. The Post Scorer badge is acquired by posting shots at good percentage and a Playmaker badge is unlocked by dominating assist.

How To Get NBA 2K18 Large MT The Sure Way?
A YouTube video from the Two Brothers Gaming NBA 2K18 MyTeam channel has unveiled an allegedly surefire way to get a large amount of MT in the shortest amount of time possible. Previously, 2K Sports rolled out the Atlanta Hawks Throwback Thursday pack for the said YouTubers, who reportedly discovered the method even before buying the pack from the auction house selling them. The player had kept the cards before reselling.

Why Collect All NBA 2K18 Cards?
Those who missed the auction house sale of the current Throwback Thursday pack are said to be looking for other means to get it. The majority of MyTeam players allegedly aim for collecting all cards as it increases the opportunity to earn more MT credits in NBA 2K18.

It is expected that once the Throwback Thursday pack will drop, consumers are to buy packs at the lowest possible MT bids. This is said to ensure the highest amount of profit. Cards in NBA 2K18 MyTeam reportedly get more expensive as it stays out of the market. Hence, resellers of the Throwback Thursday packs are reportedly aiming for a high amount of MT. However, the method is still dependent on the rarity of the cards since its release.

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NBA 2K18 Tips: How to Score with Pick and Roll

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Absolutely, Many gamer have been searching various tips and tactics hardly to break down the opposing defense all the time. although they have tried a lot, nothing seems to work. gamers have always keep their eyes on to find top-players and use different playbooks, they almost never notice the control keys can complete difficult moves in the game if they use them appropriately. here is our NBA 2K18 Offensive Guide, it tells you how much space you should keep from your opponent and when will you use the Pick and Roll for a easy score.

NBA 2K18

Positional Playcall: Press L1/LB, then press teammate’s action button and choose play from menu
Basic Pick Control: Press and hold L1/LB
Advanced Pick Control: Press and hold L1/LB. Use R1/RB to choose Roll vs. Fade and R1/RB to choose pick side.
Set Screen: Circle/B
Call for Screen: Triangle/Y
Icon Pick Control: Press L1/LB, then press and hold the action button of desired screener

With the prepared screen, ball carrier will have a big chance to shot the goal or drive to the basket strongly. it’s especially useful for gamers to get three different scoring opportunities when they begin to pick and roll the ball.what’s more, after completing his moves, the screen setter still displays an option when he rolls toward the basket. when there are two defenders encountered, passing the ball the an open teammate for a open shot is the best choice.

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