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NFL18,holiday outlook drags on Electronic Arts

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Electronic Arts which has a large Maitland studio saw its stock drop Wednesday after it announced financial results of its recent quarter which ended Sept. 30.

Multiple financial news websites quoted analysts who said the stock impact was because EA lowered its expectations for holiday game sales.

The gaming company reported revenue for online games or digital rose to $689 million in the quarter up by $123 million.

But sales of packaged games declined not surprisingly by $62 million to $270 million.

Total revenue for the quarter was $959 million up by $61 million.

But the company (NASDAQ: EA) still reported a net loss of $22 million for the quarter and a loss per share of 7 cents. Those losses were small than the same quarter last year.

The stock on Wednesday dropped by over $5 or 4.29 percent to $114.47.

CEO Andrew Wilson said the second-quarter results were powered by the company’s sports titles mobile games and expanding e-sports competitions. He promised more “event-driven live services including competitive gaming.”

CFO Blake Jorgensen said the company has seen “a notable shift to digital in our sports titles,”

The company said digital net sales for the past 12 months were $3.24 billion up 26 percent year-over-year and now represent 63 percent of total net sales for the same period.

More than 50 percent of Madden NFL 18 players engaged in the game’s “Longshot” story mode through Q2 and Madden Ultimate Team players are up 25 percent year-over-year. Madden NFL is created in the Maitland studio.

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Matthews Bryant’s effect on steel man and lion

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Martavis Bryant’s demand for more playing time has fallen on deaf ears.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that the unhappy Steelers wideout was informed by team brass that he will be inactive for Sunday night’s game against the Detroit Lions.

Asked why he wouldn’t play, Bryant told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler: “Social media.”

Bryant returned to the team Wednesday, only to find himself demoted to the scout team following his recent rash of me-first behavior.
usatsi_10321600-copy ct-martavis-bryant-20171025
Bryant threw the Steelers for a loop this week by complaining about his playing time on Instagram before telling ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Tuesday: “If they don’t try to include me more and continue to do the same thing, then I want out, period. I just want to be happy. … I would like for it to be here, but if not then oh well. Just got to move on.”

Bryant has played fewer snaps this season than rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster, catching just 18 passes on the year for 234 yards and a touchdown. In Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown-centric passing attack, that still makes Bryant the team’s second-leading wideout, but his production is nowhere near expectations.

It remains to be seen if Pittsburgh will attempt to trade Bryant, even after coach Mike Tomlin promised that wasn’t in the cards.

The Steelers are likely waiting to see how Bryant responds to this latest setback before putting him back on the field. For his sake, keeping quiet this time around would do both sides a world of good.

7 NFL players who can move on the transaction deadline

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The NFL trade deadline is fast approaching and with most of the league still in playoff contention and a piece or two away from making a legit run we could see plenty of action on Nov. 1. Here are seven big-name players that could be on the move as well as some potential suitors…


1. Martavis Bryant WR Steelers
After denying he wanted out of Pittsburgh earlier this week Bryant confirmed he was upset with his role with the team with a questionable Instagram comment saying he was better than rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster who has taken snaps away from Bryant in recent weeks. The disgruntled receiver is a free agent after this season so this may be the Steelers’ best opportunity to get something more significant than a compensatory pick for a talented young player.
Potential suitors: Panthers Browns Lions

2. Jeremy Hill RB Bengals
Hill is the odd man out in the Bengals backfield. Playing behind Joe Mixon and Gio Bernard Hill has been given just 33 carries through six games. He’s racked up just 105 yards but the lack of production makes sense with the Bengals not giving him a chance to get in a rhythm. Hill is only 25 and would come with a small price tag.
Potential suitors: Raiders Buccaneers Lions

3. Duane Brown LT Texans
Brown’s holdout doesn’t seem to be nearing an end anytime soon (UPDATE: Of course after writing this Brown ended his holdout and returned to the team) and the Texans have done just fine without him after inserting Deshaun Watson into the lineup. A breakup would serve both sides well. And there are plenty of teams in the market for good left tackles.
Potential suitors: Seahawks Giants Lions

4. Larry Fitzgerald WR Cardinals
Cardinals fans are probably torn on this one. One one hand there’s no way they want to see one of the franchise’s most beloved players play in another uniform. But Fitz deserves a shot at a ring and that’s not happening in Arizona. Do the right thing and trade him to a contender.
Potential suitors: Patriots Saints Bills

5. Jimmy Garoppolo QB Patriots
Tom Brady shows no signs of slowing down and this roster is too flawed at the moment for the Patriots to even consider slapping the franchise tag on a player who will sit on the bench in 2018. New England has to trade Garoppolo eventually right?
Potential suitors: Jaguars Browns Cardinals

6. Aaron Lynch DE 49ers
There are plenty of teams that could use more pass rush (including the defending champs) so while Lynch may be expendable in San Francisco there are a lot of playoff contenders who would be interested in landing him. Lynch has been relegated to a backup role behind two talented first-round picks and his deal expires after 2017 so it shouldn’t take a whole lot to get him.
Potential suitors: Patriots Raiders Redskins

7. Vontae Davis CB Colts
With Andrew Luck suffering a setback last week it’s looking like the Colts’ season is over before it even started. Davis’ contracts expires in the offseason and it’s unlikely the Colts will want to resign him. The question is whether the package Indy would get in return would be more valuable than the compensatory pick it would get by letting him walk in free agency.

Potential suitors: Cowboys Raiders Packers

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MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters

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128 Madden-Begeisterte stehen bereits in den Startlöchern für das erste Xbox One-Turnier der MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters am Freitag. Passend zur echten AFC North dürfen einzig die vier Teams aus genau dieser Division gewählt werden. Damit das klappt erklären wir Euch was die Ravens Bengals Browns und Steelers draufhaben.
Cleveland Browns
Langsam aber stetig – so läuft die Offensive der Browns. Die starke O-Line verschafft genügend Zeit nach dem Snap um einen Spielzug in aller Ruhe aufzuziehen. Wichtigster Mann ist dabei Running Back Isaiah Crowell der mit schnellen Läufen für wichtige Yards Raumgewinn sorgt. Spektakuläre Pässe gibt es dagegen kaum. So stehen bei den Browns drei Quarterbacks mit einer Gesamtbewertung von gerade einmal 75 im Kader. Die Defensive ist dafür umso ausgewogener. Große Schwachstellen gibt es nicht und sowohl bei Mann- als auch Zonendeckung schlagen.

Weite Pässe stehen bei den Ravens auf dem Programm. Mit Wurfkraft 97 schreckt Quarterback Joe Flacco vor keiner Entfernung zurück. Gut nur dass mit Mike Wallace und Jeremy Maclin auch passende Abnehmer zur Stelle sind. Erhalten die beiden nun noch Unterstützung von Running Back Danny Woodhead ist die gefährliche Offensive der Ravens bereit. Starspieler der Defensive ist Eric Weddle. Der Free Safety fängt Pässe am laufenden Band ab und Strong Safety Tony Jefferson tut sein Übriges um jegliche weiten Bälle zu unterbinden. Es gilt also auf Laufspielzüge und kurze Pässe zu achten dann kann in der Verteidigung kaum etwas passieren.

Cincinnati Bengals
Auch in Cincinnati stehen Passspielzüge hoch im Kurs. Das ist kein Wunder bei den elitären Wide Receivern im Team. Da wäre zum einen A.J. Green einer der höchst bewerteten Spielern auf dieser Position in ganz Madden 18. Auch John Ross der schnellste Wide Receiver des Spiels und Brandon LaFell sind besser als das Durchschnittsniveau. Ein kleiner Makel ist hingegen der Quarterback. Andy Dalton ist kein Ausnahmespieler. Dafür zeichnet er sich durch seine Genauigkeit aus und passt damit perfekt ins Team. In der Defensive müssen die Bengals Druck ausüben. Die Defense Line ist überragend aufgestellt doch dahinter wird es dünn. Deswegen ist es notwendig die gegnerische Offensive mit Geno Atkins und Carlos Dunlap zu Fehlern oder überhasteten Aktionen zu zwingen. Dann ist die eigene Offensive schon bald wieder auf dem Feld.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Die Offense der Steelers stützt sich auf zwei Pfeiler: Antonio Brown und Le’Veon Bell. Damit steht eine Option für Pass- und eine für Laufspielzüge bereit. Ihr solltet Euch also bemühen abwechslungsreich zu spielen und beide Stars optimal zu nutzen. Dann läuft die Offensive über die beiden 97er fast von alleine. In der Defensive zahlt sich dagegen ein helles Köpfchen aus. Die Zone Coverage der Steelers ist überaus fähig und Eure Defensive Line hält die Gegner gut in Schach. Habt Ihr nun noch stets die richtigen Deckung ausgewählt kann kaum etwas passieren.

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“Longshot” Becomes A Rookie of Madden 18

by myadmin

The Madden franchise never fails to feel both familiar and fresh, Like a well-worn set of cleats with new laces. Similar to “Madden NFL 18 – longshot”, which tasks single players with fulfilling a former University of Texas football quarterback’s dreams of being drafted by an NFL team.


But Electronic Arts’ take on the mode is decidedly more cinematic, “Longshot” will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played MyCareer in 2K Sports’ “NBA 2K” series, with three distinct acts and an excellent cast of actors, , including Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali, a clear character arc for protagonist Devin Wade.

A warm and fuzzy flashback kicks things off, with a young Wade (J.R. Lemon), his best friend Colt Cruise (Scott Porter) and Wade’s father, Cutter, (Ali) slinging a pigskin around the front yard of their humble home in Mathis, Texas, an actual suburb of Corpus Christi. All of that adds up to an engaging experience that Madden newcomers and veterans alike should enjoy.

The fun, however, is cut short by a storm, which also serves as foreshadowing for trouble to come, including Cutter’s untimely death and Wade’s subsequent exit from college football.

Wade is seeking redemption as he and Cruise travel to Indianapolis for a combine, Sixteen years after that childhood scene, an event for undrafted players — so-called longshots — to showcase their skills to prospective teams.

what else, “Longshot.” Like the regional combine, it’s a possible if unlikely path to the NFL, but one that will put him squarely under the microscope. There, Wade is approached by a smarmy television producer (Ricky Wayne) to star in a new reality show called,

The drama that unfolds over the next couple of hours is punctuated by powerful performances from the cast, including Rus Blackwell, who plays fictional former NFL coach John Ford. Like Wade, the no-nonsense Ford also is looking to exorcise his personal demons.

Gameplay is cleverly weaved into the story, ranging from Wade honing his passing skills under Ford’s tutelage to choosing how he responds to probing questions from the media. The better the player performs, the better Wade’s chances are of being drafted.

That being said, there is more than one ending, which lends replayability to the relatively short experience, though not much.

“Longshot” isn’t fumble-free. For instance, while the overall game includes a mode for newcomers to learn the ropes, there’s a missed opportunity to teach them within the confines of “Longshot,” which, if nothing else, is intended to expand the Madden fanbase.

Another quibble: Wade’s character is defined by the decisions he makes, which in turn determine his draft score. But the choices he faces are relatively tame — to wit, does he stop to take a picture in front of the regional combine sign and risk running late to a hotel check-in?

Here, it would have been refreshing to see the mode tackle thornier NFL-specific issues like erstwhile former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem.

Overall, though, “Longshot” is a welcome addition to the Madden franchise and well worth your time.

Also new this year is three vs. three online team play in Madden Ultimate Team, a mode that allows players to collect and assemble a lineup of gridiron greats, past and present. Other refinements include new play styles (arcade, simulation and competitive) and difficulty levels (rookie, pro and all-pro); customizable AI; and target passing, which gives players more control over where the ball is thrown on the field.

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Madden 18 Guides For Player Upgrades & MUT Team Tokens Earning

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Madden 18 Player Upgrades Guide

you’ll find the ‘Upgrade Sets’ option near the bottom of the screen, If you go over to the ‘Team’ tab in the Ultimate Team section of Madden 18. but the one you want to be focusing on first is the ‘Upgrades’ area, since there are a variety of options in this section

Depending on which team you’re after, Select the ‘Players’ option after this, and then choose from AFC or NFC. For example, when I picked the Colts pack at the beginning of Ultimate Team, I was given a 70 OVR Vontae Davis, and then 84 OVR, but only with a few key items, which I can now upgrade to 75.

Madden 18 MUT Team Tokens

we’ll need his base card and a Colts Silver Token, but to take him to 84 OVR, we’ll need both a Gold and a Silver Colts Team Token in order to upgrade the Vontae Davis card to an 80 OVR, The items you’ll need to upgrade individual players are Team Tokens, which come in either Silver or Gold variants.

you’ll need to back out all the way to the first menu after you went into the ‘Upgrade Sets’ menu, and scroll all the way along to the right till you get to the ‘Team Tokens’ area, to obtain one of these elusive Silver or Gold tokens. you’ll find item sets to unlock Silver, Gold, and Elite Team Tokens, each of which require a number of cards, In here.

How to Earn MUT Team Tokens

MUT Team Tokens unfortunately can’t be purchased in the auction house, nor can they be traded for on the trade block. Instead, you’ll have to find them in packs (although the odds are slim), or complete item sets in order to earn them.

Each Team Token requires a number of cards in order to be unlocked – for example the Bears Gold Team Token requires 10 Gold Bears players, all ranked between 70 and 79 OVR. Silver Team Tokens are easier to obtain than this, as they instead require 12 Silver players from any teams, ranked between 60 and 69 OVR.

It’s certainly a slog, and there’s even debate among the MUT community as to whether these player upgrades are even worth the effort, as they require some expensive Elite items in the later stages. But, if you do happen to have an NFL Stars player lying around, it could be well worthwhile to merely upgrade them once.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Best Players to Upgrade

so once you’ve got hold of some, which players should you prioritise upgrading over others? So, obtaining Team Tokens is by no means an easy job,

Skill players undoubtedly have a larger impact on your average game of Madden than any other players, to it’s best to go with quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, cornerbacks, and safeties over any other positions. For starters, you definitely want to go with skill position players, over any players on the offensive or defensive lines.

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