Escape from Tarkov’s raids are tense and exhilarating, but for new players they can also be pretty frustrating too. The game teaches you very little about how to succeed. Even if you’re a phenomenal shot, you’ll still need to learn how to extract in Escape from Tarkov if you want to keep all that loot you’re stacking up. To save you plenty of time bumbling around maps unsure of what to do, this guide will teach you the basics of how to find and extraction point and extract in Escape from Tarkov.

The first step to playing Escape from Tarkov is matching into a Raid. This can take long enough to point out the flaws of Destiny 2, as streamer Shroud recently demonstrated. Whenever a player loads into a Raid, a small pop-up in the upper-right corner of their screen reveals their Extractions. This pop-up can be made to reappear at any time by pressing O twice. The Extractions here are the only ways that that player will be able to exit the map, and will be the same for their team-mates, but different from other Factions.

Some of the Extraction Points may be marked with a ??:??:??, which indicates that there is some special rule associated with that point. Extractions that are blank however can be used at any time. The special rule may be a key that is required to open the Extraction, or that the Extraction only opens or closes after a certain time has elapsed, which is not good for speed-runners. In addition, Cheap EFT Dollars is on hot sale at our website

For a player, knowing the name of their Extraction choices is only the first step. There is no in-game map or marker that can lead to these Extractions, and if they have a special rule it may be difficult to discern. Although most Extractions are clear once they’ve been found, it is often difficult to find them in the first place. This isn’t one of the criticisms that the game has faced however, some of which caused a minor scandal last year.

The best way for players to get a good grasp of the potential Extractions on a map is to play it in offline mode. Turning on offline, and turning off PvE, allows a player to wander the maps freely, discovering each Extraction in turn. This information can then be used in a competitive map, and is definitely the surest way to find an Extraction every time.