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Crossout latest update adds a new class of vehicle cabins and models

by myadmin

The latest update for Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games’ post apocalyptic game Crossout adds a new class of vehicle cabins and models, updates the Power Plant map, and tosses in new PvE enemies for good measaure. Titled “Doomsday Cars,” the update is a 75 level event that offers players plenty of chances to get new rewards by completing daily and weekly tasks. In fact, that’s where players will find several of the new legendary class vehicle cabins — like the Dawn’s Children cabin “Nova” and the Firestarter cabin “Griffon”.

The “Doomsday Cars” offers daily and weekly tasks that unlock new reward levels. Among those rewards are the Dawn’s Children cabin “Nova” that creates a protective field from the front and the Firestarter cabin “Griffon” that makes a player and his allies invisible on the radar. Anyone can participate in this activity, get new blueprints and use them to produce the vehicle parts and weapons, but Battle Pass owners will skip the blueprint stage and will get the already assembled components. The event will last until August, 30th so after that the only way to get the Doomsday Car vehicle parts will be to purchase them from other players. And if you want to buy Crossout Coins, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

The new free standard garage “New Dawn” has been added to celebrate the anniversary of Crossout. It’s a spacious and serene farm that actually has a lot of skeletons in the closet: one of the sheds was used to butcher a very suspicious sort of meat even before the apocalypse. “New Dawn” offers a lot of space to test drive any freshly built cars and learn how to shoot their new shiny guns.

Speaking of new rewards, players are also getting a new place to keep their vehicles, “New Dawn” or the Cannibal Farm, a large farm filled with a bit of creepy backstory, as we’re sure you can tell by the name.The event will last until August 30. Those looking for more information on the event can find it on the Crossout site.