If it is an EYOUGAME (USS) app, you know it is bound to be a Role-Playing Game. With Astral Guardians: Cyber Fantasy, you get an open world MMORPG which gives you the role of a highly talented warrior and puts you on the road to save an entire kingdom. You will pick your character from a choice of 3 classes of Berserker (swordsman), Lancer, and Gunner. These classes come with default characters and no options for customization. The game does however include a free fashion-matching feature where you can change up outfits, weapons, and hairstyles to make your character your own.

Here you will have a mission to save a kingdom that is in destruction. Choose your favorite hero and go into PVP battles with the guild or team you have. Eradicate all evil enemies and make the kingdom you have successful and peaceful always.

In addition, the game Astral Guardians: Cyber ​​Fantasy has a sweet RPG story where you will find an interesting love story to make a sacred promise to live together. This game seems to take you into an extraordinary game world. In fact, you can find friends and family yourself who make you think less of warfare.

As far as MMORPG’s go, Astral Guardians: Cyber Fantasy delivers the full package deal when it comes to look and design. The game is done in Japanese style anime graphics and features a widescreen view and incredible scene images with bright colors. A cheerful soundtrack does a good job of inspiring you to keep exploring, while the thrill of battle is upped by cool skill effects. To top it up, the developers brag that the game does not lag even when set on the highest graphics setting (get a choice of 2.5D and 3D).

This game presents a unique fashion that can be selected and used to complement the hero character himself. Interestingly, this game can be a game that tests your own creativity and makes it more and more liked by various groups, both women and men.

Astral Guardians: Cyber Fantasy features a cluster of combat controls that you will find in most games in its style. But, you do not get all the controls at once. Every character has their own set of unique skills. You will unlock the attack buttons to these skills as your character reaches various levels. For example, the gunner character unlocks a Fell Crescent skill upon reaching level 4, Devil Spike attack at level 13, Rage Spike at level 27, and Bomb Outbreak attack at level 38. An Auto Combat button is also included as part of the game’s mechanic.

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