This section will introduce the different weapons in Runescape, as well as their advantages. rs gold Hope it can help you understand RuneScape more deeply.

Dagger, Dagger is the most basic weapon in the game. Fast and flexible weapon when poisoned dagger is the most useful. Its speed will give you an advantage in the low defense monsters and players. It is a single hand. Advantage: Speed and the ability to be poisoned.

Training Short Sword, in Lumbridge, you will encounter an attacker tutor, who will give you a free training dagger. This product (like all other training programs) can not be dropped or traded to other players. Advantage: Speed.

Short Swords, the short sword is fast weapon mainly used for stabbing. They deal a little more damage than daggers, but they are not as good as sword. Best to stick with a long knife, if you can afford. 1 hands. Advantage: Speed .

Claws, Claws are nearly the same as daggers, and they are just as fast as them. They cannot be poisoned. They are 2 Handed and Members only. You must complete the Death Plateau Quest to make them. Advantage: Speed.

Scimitars, the Scimitar is the most common weapon throughout the F2P world. Scimitar good compromise between speed and power proved to be a very popular weapon of most players. This weapon will give you an advantage of low defense monsters and players. It is a single hand. Advantage: Fast speed and moderate strength.

Long Swords, Dragon Sword is another popular weapon in the game. They also have a good compromise between speed and power. Weapons sword popular members usually choose weapons on walking in the wilderness, while the members of the world. It is a single hand. Advantage: Moderate speed and moderate strength.

Battle Axes, Battle Axes are slow but strong. They are commonly used in the game, and as a treatment of high damage without being deleted your shield affect your defense. They opposed high and low defense monsters and players good, because it attacks. 1 hands. Advantage: High damage without compromising Defense.

2-Handed Swords, suspicious to the most powerful weapon in RUNESCAPE, but not the most widely used. Due to their size, you must have a band, yes, your hands, so you can not use a shield 2 handed sword. Nevertheless, two handed sword is considered by most RUNESCAPE classic “best” weapon, because of its general powers. When this change, the introduction of new RUNESCAPE, and speed 2 handed sword became a problem. Always a good weapon, it shows your biggest hit, but now somewhat neglected in other ways. In addition, when a cloaked figure and 2 handed sword equipped, bottom cloak moving back and forth. rs 07 gold Advantage: Very high damage.