Aion Classic has been out for one day, and despite that it seems as though NCSoft will have its hands full trying to assure current players that its monetization model doesn’t inspire pay-to-win comparisons. This is due to the way its currently being handled, especially as players can spend money for in-game items to then sell for in-game currency.

Now, players who still hark back to scrappy fights over Abyssal Aura or want to own Siels again can do so. Taking the role of a Daeva, players retuning to this classic version of Aion will find the clock wound back to the original launch day, with a few cosmetic and quality of life improvements. You will be able to pick from one of the first four launch classes, Warrior, Scout, Priest, and Mage, and wield the power of Aether. Once prepared, get ready to venture out into the wild and take on a 50 level story quest at a more leisurely pace than the current version of Aion, take on long-forgotten dungeons, and take part in some seriously scrappy faction PvP in the Abyss.

Aion Classic was released with the Freemium model. This means that you can play for free for as long as you like, but only after purchasing the game’s subscription service will all restrictions disappear. For example, playing with a Free account, you only get 50% exp when killing monsters, while whoever opts for the subscription will get 100% exp. It is noteworthy, however, that in this first week (June 23-30), the Aura de Siel, as the game’s subscription service is called, will be free for all players — only during the period, after which it will be necessary to sign up. it to keep all the benefits.

What the company would rather you not pay attention to is the fact that Aion Classic is selling game currency for cash. Redditors and MMO Fallout noted that players can drop money on the cash shop for — and we’re not making this up — pink tiger candy, which can then be sold to in-game vendors for currency. It’s raised pay-to-win concerns already as some players demand the launch be rolled back.

Currently it doesn’t look like the NCSoft team have publicly addressed player concerns surrounding the pay-to-win vibes being given off within its first 24 hours. Instead the official channels are urging players to compete for world first accomplishments as well as pushing the leaderboards.

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