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We have a general idea as to when NHL 22 will release

by myadmin

NHL 2K21 was released on Oct 16 2020 but players were quite disappointed with it. They are expecting the new NHL 2K22 in the next-gen consoles now for a change. Since the 2K21 version is recently released, it might be a long wait for the 2K22 version to drop by. Here’s everything you need to know.

NHL 22 Release Date
While the NHL 22 release date is to be determined, we can assume the game will be coming around September if it keeps on track with other releases from the series.

We do, however, have a general idea as to when NHL 22 will release. During EA’s 2021 Q4 earnings report, the company disclosed release date timelines for the upcoming year’s slate of games. NHL 22, as of May 2021, is slated to be released during Q3 of this year. Since EA’s earnings year ends on March 31, this means that NHL will be release sometime in either October, November, or December.

Madden 22 Features Could Cross Over to the Ice
While EA has been relatively silent about NHL 22 so far, this hasn’t been the case for Madden 22. EA revealed nearly all of the new details about Madden 22 all at once with a reveal trailer and several accompanying blogs breaking down changes.

Some new features coming to Madden 22 would land perfectly in NHL 22 as well, and we can only hope EA are making the move.

One of these perfect crossover features is Dynamic Gameday, which brings the crowds to life in different stadiums to give home ice that special feel.

Cover Athlete reveal on the way
One of the first big reveals we’ll likely see for NHL 22 should be exactly which NHL star is chosen as the cover athlete for this year’s release. Following Alex Ovechkin gracing the cover of NHL 21, the favorites for this year include Nathan MacKinnon, Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and even dark horse contenders like Brad Marchand. The most likely time for this reveal to land would be EA Play Live, which is scheduled to take place on July 22, 2021.

NHL 2K22- Supported Platforms
Unlike NHL 2K21 which was released on PS4 and Xbox One, NHL 2K22 will be a next-gen title available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as it’s going to be released next year. So, improved visuals with enhanced graphics are expected to be introduced in the new NHL 2K22.

NHL 22 Early Access
EA NHL games come with several editions offering different rewards. This includes some extras for those who pre order the title.

While the standard edition of NHL 22 will likely not have many pre order extras, the next higher tier editions will likely offer days of NHL 21 early access for players to enjoy.

This will follow up on the 10 hours of gameplay offered by the NHL 22 EA Play Trial.

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