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NBA Live 18, the Rockets won the opening night fell

by myadmin


EA Sports used its latest hoops game to predict a Cavaliers victory and a bit of a surprise in California.

If video games can do hot takes, NBA LIVE 18 has one for the opening night of the 2017-18 NBA season. According to the game’s official sim, the Golden State Warriors are about to start the new campaign 0-1, while the Boston Celtics are set to show right away just how far they’re going to push the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The sims are complete for both halves of tonight’s NBA doubleheader, and the prediction is for two hard-fought games. In the opener, NBA LIVE 18 thinks the Cavs and Celtics will battle each other hard to settle things, with the Cavs eventually pulling away thanks to 40 points not from LeBron or D-Wade, but from Kevin Love.

Key Cavs stats:

Kevin Love:  40 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists — Love’s 40 were a game-high
LeBron James: 24 points, 11 rebounds, 12 assists — No big deal, just an opening night triple double for the King
Dwayne Wade: 21 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds — Flash found a way to fit in right away on the Cavs
Derrick Rose: 9 points, 13 assists, 5 steals, 3 rebounds – D.Rose also fit in and helped the Cavs offense hum

Key Celtics stats:

Gordon Hayward: 11 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists — Probably not what the Celtics were hoping for from Hayward in his debut with the team
Al Horford: 29 points, 16 rebounds, 3 blocks — Kind of the forgotten man in terms of publicity with two All-Stars coming in, Horford was the main man in keeping the game tight

We still have questions, though. Namely, what about Kyrie Irving? You figure he’d be extra motivated to take it to Cleveland in their first encounter since he left to be the biggest star on his own team.

In the nightcap, NBA LIVE 18 also expects another All-Star to fit right in on his new squad:

Are two superstars better than four? At least for one night, that’s what NBA LIVE 18 expects, with the Rockets going into Golden State’s house and ruining the start of the champs’ title defense thanks to triple-doubles from both James Harden and Chris Paul.
Rockets key stats:

James Harden: 34 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists, 3 steals — Not a bad way to start another MVP-caliber campaign
Chris Paul: 23 points, 14 assists, 10 steals — Also not a bad way to start partnering with Harden
Clint Capela & Eric Gordon: combined for a total 39 points (17 and 22, respectively)

Warriors key stats:

Steph Curry: 30 points, 3 assists, 3 steals
Kevin Durant: 24 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists
Draymond Green: 11 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists
Klay Thompson: 9 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 assists — Kind of an off night for one-half of the Splash Brothers

Fifa 18,On the pitch tweaks and player-likeness

by myadmin

The one thing that really stands out in this year’s edition is player-likeness. Sterling’s running style is perfectly replicated as is Cristiano Ronaldo’s and a whole host of other stars across the top teams.

The attention to detail is stunning whether it’s the same when dropping down the leagues or playing with teams outside of the top 30 in Europe is debatable but the effort to really make it feel like you are in control of Neymar at PSG is second to none.

The other immediately noticeable difference to this year’s edition which looks incredibly similar to last year’s before a ball is kicked is tackling. The one-motion standing tackle has been disbanded and players will lunge in varied ways to try and get something on the ball.

It looks fantastic and can be incredibly effective when trying to win the ball back – just don’t try it if Kylian Mbappe has knocked the ball around Mats Hummels in the Bayern penalty area as a mistimed lunge will inevitably end in a penalty.
Pace plays a much more important factor than it did last year not so much that it ruins the game but this time Mo Salah will easily outrun the likes of Per Mertesacker just as he would do in ‘real life’. If your defence lacks speed then you’d better think twice before committing as the likes of Salah and Sadio Mane can really hurt you with their raw pace.

Defending feels more complex than before – it takes time to adjust especially when playing with a new team to how you should combat speed and strength meaning wins feel more rewarding and experts can’t just pick up a controller and carry on as they could with last year’s edition.

The animations that have been included thankfully don’t need to play out in their entirety so players can adapt if physically possible halfway through a ‘move’ to leave players a lot less frustrated.

Strength plays a real part and you can use the likes of Sergio Ramos to shrug forwards like Jamie Vardy off the ball – but beware – you can’t do the same to someone like Romelu Lukaku.

The thing that makes Fifa really stand above Pro Evolution Soccer this year is EA’s ability to recreate the atmosphere in stadiums. The Bernabeu absolutely rocks when you are playing as Real Madrid – as does Selhurst Park when you score with Crystal Palace.

Where Fifa falls down to PES is crossing hitting square from the flanks usually ends up in a looping ball that looks pretty similar all the time. Do the same in PES and the ball gets beautifully whipped in through varied angles and heights.

Playing the AI can result in the same old frustrations and it’s way of keeping the ball usually to perform a 180 remains infuriating.

Off the pitch the offline modes have taken a big step forward. Manager career mode now has transfer negotiation cut scenes and Alex Hunter returns in a very engaging next chapter of The Journey.

Aesthetically Fifa 18 looks very similar to its predecessor but little on the pitch tweaks make it far more enjoyable to play – it’s not taken huge strides but there’s definitely enough to see one through until next season.

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Matthews Bryant’s effect on steel man and lion

by myadmin

Martavis Bryant’s demand for more playing time has fallen on deaf ears.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that the unhappy Steelers wideout was informed by team brass that he will be inactive for Sunday night’s game against the Detroit Lions.

Asked why he wouldn’t play, Bryant told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler: “Social media.”

Bryant returned to the team Wednesday, only to find himself demoted to the scout team following his recent rash of me-first behavior.
usatsi_10321600-copy ct-martavis-bryant-20171025
Bryant threw the Steelers for a loop this week by complaining about his playing time on Instagram before telling ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Tuesday: “If they don’t try to include me more and continue to do the same thing, then I want out, period. I just want to be happy. … I would like for it to be here, but if not then oh well. Just got to move on.”

Bryant has played fewer snaps this season than rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster, catching just 18 passes on the year for 234 yards and a touchdown. In Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown-centric passing attack, that still makes Bryant the team’s second-leading wideout, but his production is nowhere near expectations.

It remains to be seen if Pittsburgh will attempt to trade Bryant, even after coach Mike Tomlin promised that wasn’t in the cards.

The Steelers are likely waiting to see how Bryant responds to this latest setback before putting him back on the field. For his sake, keeping quiet this time around would do both sides a world of good.

7 NFL players who can move on the transaction deadline

by myadmin

The NFL trade deadline is fast approaching and with most of the league still in playoff contention and a piece or two away from making a legit run we could see plenty of action on Nov. 1. Here are seven big-name players that could be on the move as well as some potential suitors…


1. Martavis Bryant WR Steelers
After denying he wanted out of Pittsburgh earlier this week Bryant confirmed he was upset with his role with the team with a questionable Instagram comment saying he was better than rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster who has taken snaps away from Bryant in recent weeks. The disgruntled receiver is a free agent after this season so this may be the Steelers’ best opportunity to get something more significant than a compensatory pick for a talented young player.
Potential suitors: Panthers Browns Lions

2. Jeremy Hill RB Bengals
Hill is the odd man out in the Bengals backfield. Playing behind Joe Mixon and Gio Bernard Hill has been given just 33 carries through six games. He’s racked up just 105 yards but the lack of production makes sense with the Bengals not giving him a chance to get in a rhythm. Hill is only 25 and would come with a small price tag.
Potential suitors: Raiders Buccaneers Lions

3. Duane Brown LT Texans
Brown’s holdout doesn’t seem to be nearing an end anytime soon (UPDATE: Of course after writing this Brown ended his holdout and returned to the team) and the Texans have done just fine without him after inserting Deshaun Watson into the lineup. A breakup would serve both sides well. And there are plenty of teams in the market for good left tackles.
Potential suitors: Seahawks Giants Lions

4. Larry Fitzgerald WR Cardinals
Cardinals fans are probably torn on this one. One one hand there’s no way they want to see one of the franchise’s most beloved players play in another uniform. But Fitz deserves a shot at a ring and that’s not happening in Arizona. Do the right thing and trade him to a contender.
Potential suitors: Patriots Saints Bills

5. Jimmy Garoppolo QB Patriots
Tom Brady shows no signs of slowing down and this roster is too flawed at the moment for the Patriots to even consider slapping the franchise tag on a player who will sit on the bench in 2018. New England has to trade Garoppolo eventually right?
Potential suitors: Jaguars Browns Cardinals

6. Aaron Lynch DE 49ers
There are plenty of teams that could use more pass rush (including the defending champs) so while Lynch may be expendable in San Francisco there are a lot of playoff contenders who would be interested in landing him. Lynch has been relegated to a backup role behind two talented first-round picks and his deal expires after 2017 so it shouldn’t take a whole lot to get him.
Potential suitors: Patriots Raiders Redskins

7. Vontae Davis CB Colts
With Andrew Luck suffering a setback last week it’s looking like the Colts’ season is over before it even started. Davis’ contracts expires in the offseason and it’s unlikely the Colts will want to resign him. The question is whether the package Indy would get in return would be more valuable than the compensatory pick it would get by letting him walk in free agency.

Potential suitors: Cowboys Raiders Packers

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Houston Rockets,NBA 2K18 ratings

by myadmin

It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s favorite basketball video game has dropped its “2K18” version. That’s right, we’re here to talk about NBA 2K18. And more specifically, we’re going to take a look at the player ratings for the Houston Rockets.

Now that they’ve added Chris Paul (and a slew of defenders), the Rockets will be a team of choice for many gamers. They’ve got two of the greatest playmakers and point guards in the NBA, numerous shooters surrounding them, quality big men and countless defenders. That combination makes for a deadly team in both real life and on the sticks.


With that being said, let’s analyze the player ratings for Houston in this year’s version of the game, looking for players that are potentially overrated or underrated.

Player ratings:

James Harden – 95
Chris Paul – 91
Eric Gordon – 80
Clint Capela – 79
Trevor Ariza – 78
Ryan Anderson – 78
Nene – 77
Luc Mbah a Moute – 76
P.J. Tucker – 76
Tarik Black – 73
Troy Williams – 71
Zhou Qi – 69
Chinanu Onuaku – 69
Isaiah Taylor – 68
Demetrius Jackson – 68
Tim Quarterman – 67

Right off the bat you may notice that Bobby Brown is missing from the roster. He should join the roster in the game’s first update and be rated around a 70.

For the most part, the Rockets are a top-heavy team, with two star players rated 91 or above, followed by a slew of players rated anywhere from 76-80. It’s nice to see players such as Mbah a Moute, Nene and P.J. Tucker get a rating boost from last year’s game as (mostly) defensive role players are often overlooked in NBA 2K.

With that being said, there are some ratings that can be improved/changed to more accurately reflect the player’s value.

It’s hard to argue that any player on the Rockets is overrated in 2K. The closest player would be Ryan Anderson, who actually received a slight rating boost up to a 78.

Anderson’s elite shooting and floor-spacing is crucial for the Rockets’ offense, but when he isn’t hitting his shots (like during the 2017 NBA Playoffs) he can be an extreme liability. His defense is very poor and his rebounding has significantly decreased in recent seasons, essentially making him a one-trick pony.

It’s interesting that his rating improved in 2K18, but it would be fair to knock him down to a 76 or 77.
Underrated players

Two players come to mind when discussing the players that 2K underrated this year. First is Eric Gordon. The reigning Sixth Man of the Year checks in at 80, which is a solid rating before you realize it is the same rating that rookies Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz have.

Now, Fultz and Ball are two of the most hyped rookies in recent memory, but they shouldn’t be the same rating as Gordon, who has established himself as an elite shooter and secondary playmaker.

Gordon should really be up around 82, and if he can stay healthy and repeat his early season success from last year he may very well hit that rating in the near future.

The second player is Clint Capela. The rim-running, shot-blocking Swiss big man checks in at a 79, but he is another Houston player that should be in the low 80s. Capela struggles in certain matchups (see the first round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder), but excels in others. He dominated in the second round of the playoffs last season, and with Chris Paul in town Capela should take another jump.

Capela is poised for a breakout season, and if that does indeed happen his rating will surely jump into the low 80s alongside Gordon.

Lemieux won the NHL Alumni Party Gala

by myadmin

About 100 former NHL players from Hall of Famers to those who sometimes played in the long shadows cast by the legends will be saluted Monday when the NHL Alumni Association holds its 2017 awards gala and dinner in downtown Toronto.

Craig Cunningham a former NHL forward who nearly died on the ice with Tucson of the American Hockey League last year will be presented with the Ace Bailey Award of Courage named for former NHL forward Garnet “Ace” Bailey who died in an airplane in New York on 9/11.

And the hugely popular Canadian band The Tragically Hip will receive the inaugural Honorary Alumni award which for one day gives an individual or group membership in the NHLAA without the honorees having played an NHL game.
The gala will be the first major NHLAA event under former NHL goaltender Glenn Healy who was named executive director in June. Healy won the Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers in 1994 and played 15 seasons in the League.

Former players scheduled to attend the gala include former Toronto Maple Leafs and Rangers goalie Johnny Bower and Detroit Red Wings icon Ted Lindsay. Fellow Hall of Famers Paul Coffey Rod Gilbert Rod Langway Bryan Trottier and Dave Andreychuk the latter to be inducted Nov. 13 will also take part as will scores of players whose accomplishments large and small will be celebrated.

Lemieux follows Yvan Cournoyer a 10-time Cup winner with the Montreal Canadiens as the association’s Man of the Year.

Healy said Lemieux accepted gracefully if a little grudgingly when informed he was being honored saying as Healy relates it “I don’t like to do these things.”

“I told Mario ‘You’re hockey royalty and you’re the guy who should be it for the NHL’s 100th year,’ ” Healy said. “He laughed and told me “It’s the only trophy I’ve won before Wayne (Gretzky).”

Healy lauded McCreary for her work behind the scenes for the NHLAA taking after her father.

“Wendy has taken more calls in the dead of night about players in peril and has helped more people in her life than I’d say anybody in the association,” he said. “Her dad started our organization and she’s worked tirelessly fighting for every single person who’s needed help.”

The story of Cunningham who went into full cardiac arrest on the ice before a game in Tucson on Nov. 19 2016 touched the hearts of hockey and people far beyond it his life saved by trainers doctors and by firemen who incredibly happened to be members of a bagpipe and drum band performing the national anthem that night.
Cunningham 27 had his left leg amputated but his courage and recovery have made for an inspiring story. In April wearing a prosthetic leg he returned to the ice for a skate with the help of physical therapists and former Tucson teammates.

“This kid I tell you all he wants to do is meet Mario,” Healy said of Cunningham who played 63 NHL games for the Boston Bruins and Arizona Coyotes between 2013-14 and 2015-16. “He’ll be part of an NHL team again. He’ll coach somewhere someday.”

Healy said there was no second choice for the Honorary Alumni award The Tragically Hip having been selected weeks lead singer Gord Downie died of brain cancer last Tuesday at age 53. Downie Healy recalled would drive from Kingston Ontario to the summer skates of various NHL players sleeping in his car hoping to find a spot to play.

“It’s hard to play one game in the NHL,” Healy said. “This world has given so much back to hockey why not honor those who have helped along the way? The Hip have done [a lot] for hockey in so many different ways. They’re the first Honorary Alumni of what will be many.”

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Fifa 18 ,plenty of footballing bang for your bucks

by myadmin

The long-running video game rivalry between Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer is every bit as partisan as Arsenal v Spurs or City v United. At least 90 per cent of football sim fans make their respective buying decisions long before either game hits the shelves: PES season ticket holders decry the opposition as all-style, no-substance, while Fifa disciples mock their foe’s licensing issues and off-key presentation. There’s little reasoning with either side.

The majority of fans really do care that all major top flight clubs are present and correct, with authentic faces, kits and – increasingly – stadia. La Liga and MLS join the Premier League in having TV-accurate presentation overlays. Devotees of Ultimate Team, meanwhile, share stories of spending 200+ hours in the mode building teams and completing squad building challenges, in addition to time spent playing matches. I know, because I did exactly that in Fifa 17. Fifa’s omnipresent card-trading mode is again bolstered this year with offline-only squad battles, where defeating celebrity- or community-created dream teams earns mammoth in-game rewards. At £50, the exhaustive depth of this mode represents more-than-respectable value.
For the purist who considers on-pitch action paramount, Fifa does look to resolve some longstanding gripes. From a player-control perspective, that means a completely reworked crossing mechanic; simplified to a single tap of the square button on PS4 for a default ball into the box, and a double-tap for a low cross. Default, however, is an understatement; players truly whip the ball through the area this year, causing havoc for defenders and meaning a fast-winger/strong-header combo is often devastating.

Welcome changes are introduced from an AI opponent standpoint. Recent Fifa reviews have repeatedly criticised a lack of tactical variety from computer-controlled teams, and it’s addressed by every one of the game’s 700-plus sides being given two of 12 possible play styles. (One attacking, one defensive.) It doesn’t completely eliminate the issue, and is still an area where PES outperforms Fifa, but at least ensures career mode matches against possession-heavy Arsenal, Vardy-targeting Leicester and stoic, defensive Burnley no longer feel identical.

Other career mode changes equate to subtle Mourinho-style tinkering rather than wanton Redknapp-like reconstruction. A big deal was made of Fifa 17’s Frostbite implementation, and the engine now feeds into careers by way of face-to-face transfer negotiations; try to buy a player from Real or Chelsea and you actually get to sit down with Zidane or Conte to seal the deal, using click-wheel conversational choices.
It’s a constant smile-raiser at Premier League level; less so when controlling Exeter City and being confronted with a series of suit-wearing genero-heads. Even Fifa’s licensing doesn’t stretch to fourth-tier managers. Transfers are much improved generally, with a new bespoke hub enabling you to manage all incoming and outgoing moves in list form, instead of having to trudge through labyrinthine menus to get any deal done.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable mode lasting between 12-15 hours, depending on key choices – the same length as many a full-priced game outside of the sports genre, again hammering home Fifa 18’s strong value proposition. Whichever side of the footballing gulf you plant your neon footwear, there’s no question that EA’s behemoth delivers bang for its megabucks.

MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters

by myadmin

128 Madden-Begeisterte stehen bereits in den Startlöchern für das erste Xbox One-Turnier der MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters am Freitag. Passend zur echten AFC North dürfen einzig die vier Teams aus genau dieser Division gewählt werden. Damit das klappt erklären wir Euch was die Ravens Bengals Browns und Steelers draufhaben.
Cleveland Browns
Langsam aber stetig – so läuft die Offensive der Browns. Die starke O-Line verschafft genügend Zeit nach dem Snap um einen Spielzug in aller Ruhe aufzuziehen. Wichtigster Mann ist dabei Running Back Isaiah Crowell der mit schnellen Läufen für wichtige Yards Raumgewinn sorgt. Spektakuläre Pässe gibt es dagegen kaum. So stehen bei den Browns drei Quarterbacks mit einer Gesamtbewertung von gerade einmal 75 im Kader. Die Defensive ist dafür umso ausgewogener. Große Schwachstellen gibt es nicht und sowohl bei Mann- als auch Zonendeckung schlagen.

Weite Pässe stehen bei den Ravens auf dem Programm. Mit Wurfkraft 97 schreckt Quarterback Joe Flacco vor keiner Entfernung zurück. Gut nur dass mit Mike Wallace und Jeremy Maclin auch passende Abnehmer zur Stelle sind. Erhalten die beiden nun noch Unterstützung von Running Back Danny Woodhead ist die gefährliche Offensive der Ravens bereit. Starspieler der Defensive ist Eric Weddle. Der Free Safety fängt Pässe am laufenden Band ab und Strong Safety Tony Jefferson tut sein Übriges um jegliche weiten Bälle zu unterbinden. Es gilt also auf Laufspielzüge und kurze Pässe zu achten dann kann in der Verteidigung kaum etwas passieren.

Cincinnati Bengals
Auch in Cincinnati stehen Passspielzüge hoch im Kurs. Das ist kein Wunder bei den elitären Wide Receivern im Team. Da wäre zum einen A.J. Green einer der höchst bewerteten Spielern auf dieser Position in ganz Madden 18. Auch John Ross der schnellste Wide Receiver des Spiels und Brandon LaFell sind besser als das Durchschnittsniveau. Ein kleiner Makel ist hingegen der Quarterback. Andy Dalton ist kein Ausnahmespieler. Dafür zeichnet er sich durch seine Genauigkeit aus und passt damit perfekt ins Team. In der Defensive müssen die Bengals Druck ausüben. Die Defense Line ist überragend aufgestellt doch dahinter wird es dünn. Deswegen ist es notwendig die gegnerische Offensive mit Geno Atkins und Carlos Dunlap zu Fehlern oder überhasteten Aktionen zu zwingen. Dann ist die eigene Offensive schon bald wieder auf dem Feld.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Die Offense der Steelers stützt sich auf zwei Pfeiler: Antonio Brown und Le’Veon Bell. Damit steht eine Option für Pass- und eine für Laufspielzüge bereit. Ihr solltet Euch also bemühen abwechslungsreich zu spielen und beide Stars optimal zu nutzen. Dann läuft die Offensive über die beiden 97er fast von alleine. In der Defensive zahlt sich dagegen ein helles Köpfchen aus. Die Zone Coverage der Steelers ist überaus fähig und Eure Defensive Line hält die Gegner gut in Schach. Habt Ihr nun noch stets die richtigen Deckung ausgewählt kann kaum etwas passieren.

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NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18 comparison

by myadmin

In the 1990s, EA Sports’ “NBA Live” franchise ruled the simulation basketball video game space. That all changed with the introduction of “NBA 2K” in 1999.

During the first few years of competition between the series, competition bred innovation and both produced quality games. But about 12 years ago, “2K” surged ahead critically and dominated commercially. It became the model of consistency among sports franchises, continually tweaking to whet gamers’ appetites. Meanwhile, “Live” often couldn’t keep up and only published three entries the past seven years.

But the gap appears to be closing with the franchises’ new entries, “NBA 2K18” and “NBA Live 18.” According to review aggregator GameRankings, “2K18” on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has earned a 76.1 percent rating — lowest in the series. Meanwhile, “Live 18” scored at 72.9 percent for the series’ best score since 2009.
Having played both games this year, I can attest they are close in quality. However, they excel at different things. For anyone thinking about purchasing either title now that the NBA season is underway, here’s a look at each game’s strengths and weaknesses to help inform the decision to buy.
‘NBA 2K18’

From a pure gameplay perspective, “2K” retains the franchise’s trademark impeccable controls and physics. Shooting has been improved to properly account for the difficulty of contested shots. AI opponents behave smarter and more like an actual basketball team as the series continues to inch closer to a true simulation experience.

In-game presentation remains top notch. Just about every player looks as great as their real-life counterpart — even the in-studio analysts.

MyLeague, the franchise mode in “2K,” adds authenticity with G League teams to further enhance a standout experience.

Less successful is the new Neighborhood, which adds a hub world to go along with MyCareer and MyPark modes. It’s a great concept that allows one to visit licensed stores to buy gear, get haircuts, and even work out at the gym. But really, who wants to bench press in an NBA game? At least it’s associated narrative is light fare this year.

The real problem is the overreliance on microtransactions to advance properly in most modes (save for MyLeague). The franchise has always offered these, but this year it’s gone overboard. Grinding to improve a character takes much too long without shoveling out more real-world cash on Virtual Currency (VC). Same goes for new haircuts and tattoos. It’s ridiculous.
‘NBA Live 18’

The highlight of “Live,” which published for consoles for the first time since 2015, is The One. This career mode is far superior to that of its rival’s thanks to better presentation — featuring real-life footage of Steven A. Smith and Max Kellerman from ESPN’s “First Take” — and a better system of improving one’s custom baller. This is where most of a gamer’s time should be spent, playing at Rucker Park or in the Drew League as well as NBA arenas.

Even its face capture system produces consistently better results than its competition can. Honestly, I’ve never seen a better digital representation of myself from a visual standpoint than in “Live 18.”

The long-overdue addition of WNBA teams and players is great, even if its shallow and limited to one-off games. And, frankly, none of the players look much like themselves. Couldn’t they all have just scanned their face with the app, like I did?

The male players fare better, but visuals and animations still lag behind “2K” by a wide margin. The same can be said of the gameplay, which is passable overall but has a long way to go. At least it’s one-on-one defense mechanic made playing ‘D’ fun.

Franchise mode and Ultimate Team are nothing special, either. Both lag behind the rival franchise.
Bottom line

Those who care only about the on-court action shouldn’t think twice about picking up “NBA 2K18,” even on Nintendo Switch. It’s the better experience in that arena.

Outside of that, however, it comes down to preference. Those who love guiding a custom player through career mode would be wise to give The One in “NBA Live 18” a real chance. Gamers who want to run every aspect of a franchise as an executive would be better off with “2K.”

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Who Will Win The 2018 NBA Finals, According To NBA 2K18

by myadmin

With the 2018 NBA season set to get rocking and popping soon the good folks at 2K Games thought it necessary to simulate the season beforehand and see how well its own under-the-hood design holds up in NBA 2K18 for predicting who will actually walk away the champions in 2018 and it’s the Golden State Warriors.

There’s a Facebook note detailing the process that 2K went through in simulating the NBA finals and how it managed to reach that end goal with the final two teams. The studio ran a MyLeague season simulation and came up with the final showdown between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors.

Chris Paul took the Houston Rockets to one of the other slots to dwindle down on the competition and move one step closer toward the finals. While the team managed to knock off the Oklahoma City Thunder they took a fall to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

On the other side of the states the Eastern Conference Finals saw the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers going head to head with the Celtics managing to win the rivalry. While Lebron had a strong showing it was Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward that supposedly made the difference in determining whether the Celtics would move on or end their conference run at the hands of King James.
The Celtics may have had a comeback story to tell in the NBA 2K18 simulation and they surely may have managed to best the Cavaliers but it wasn’t enough to dethrone the Golden State Warriors.

In the simulation things ended after five games with the Warriors taking home the crown in the playoffs.

EA Sports has been predicting the Super Bowl for years now and sometimes the games were almost eerily identical to the real-life results especially Madden NFL 15 and the Super Bowl XLIX prediction or how close Madden NFL 17 came to predicting Super Bowl LI which actually mirrored real-life to some degree when the Patriots were down heading into the fourth and Brady would manage to make some impossible passes to cinch the win.

We’ll see if 2K Sports has finely tuned the gameplay experience for NBA 2K18 to properly predict what will unfold next year during the NBA 2018 season playoffs or if the engine under the hood is a bit off and will lead to vastly different results.

NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation game published by 2K Sports for PS4/ XboxOne/PC. The player mainly plays NBA basketball games with real-life or customized players and teams. Players purchase card packs by NBA 2K18 MT & VC which will give the player random items.

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