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“Longshot” Becomes A Rookie of Madden 18

by myadmin

The Madden franchise never fails to feel both familiar and fresh, Like a well-worn set of cleats with new laces. Similar to “Madden NFL 18 – longshot”, which tasks single players with fulfilling a former University of Texas football quarterback’s dreams of being drafted by an NFL team.


But Electronic Arts’ take on the mode is decidedly more cinematic, “Longshot” will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played MyCareer in 2K Sports’ “NBA 2K” series, with three distinct acts and an excellent cast of actors, , including Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali, a clear character arc for protagonist Devin Wade.

A warm and fuzzy flashback kicks things off, with a young Wade (J.R. Lemon), his best friend Colt Cruise (Scott Porter) and Wade’s father, Cutter, (Ali) slinging a pigskin around the front yard of their humble home in Mathis, Texas, an actual suburb of Corpus Christi. All of that adds up to an engaging experience that Madden newcomers and veterans alike should enjoy.

The fun, however, is cut short by a storm, which also serves as foreshadowing for trouble to come, including Cutter’s untimely death and Wade’s subsequent exit from college football.

Wade is seeking redemption as he and Cruise travel to Indianapolis for a combine, Sixteen years after that childhood scene, an event for undrafted players — so-called longshots — to showcase their skills to prospective teams.

what else, “Longshot.” Like the regional combine, it’s a possible if unlikely path to the NFL, but one that will put him squarely under the microscope. There, Wade is approached by a smarmy television producer (Ricky Wayne) to star in a new reality show called,

The drama that unfolds over the next couple of hours is punctuated by powerful performances from the cast, including Rus Blackwell, who plays fictional former NFL coach John Ford. Like Wade, the no-nonsense Ford also is looking to exorcise his personal demons.

Gameplay is cleverly weaved into the story, ranging from Wade honing his passing skills under Ford’s tutelage to choosing how he responds to probing questions from the media. The better the player performs, the better Wade’s chances are of being drafted.

That being said, there is more than one ending, which lends replayability to the relatively short experience, though not much.

“Longshot” isn’t fumble-free. For instance, while the overall game includes a mode for newcomers to learn the ropes, there’s a missed opportunity to teach them within the confines of “Longshot,” which, if nothing else, is intended to expand the Madden fanbase.

Another quibble: Wade’s character is defined by the decisions he makes, which in turn determine his draft score. But the choices he faces are relatively tame — to wit, does he stop to take a picture in front of the regional combine sign and risk running late to a hotel check-in?

Here, it would have been refreshing to see the mode tackle thornier NFL-specific issues like erstwhile former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem.

Overall, though, “Longshot” is a welcome addition to the Madden franchise and well worth your time.

Also new this year is three vs. three online team play in Madden Ultimate Team, a mode that allows players to collect and assemble a lineup of gridiron greats, past and present. Other refinements include new play styles (arcade, simulation and competitive) and difficulty levels (rookie, pro and all-pro); customizable AI; and target passing, which gives players more control over where the ball is thrown on the field.

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Madden 18 Guides For Player Upgrades & MUT Team Tokens Earning

by myadmin


Madden 18 Player Upgrades Guide

you’ll find the ‘Upgrade Sets’ option near the bottom of the screen, If you go over to the ‘Team’ tab in the Ultimate Team section of Madden 18. but the one you want to be focusing on first is the ‘Upgrades’ area, since there are a variety of options in this section

Depending on which team you’re after, Select the ‘Players’ option after this, and then choose from AFC or NFC. For example, when I picked the Colts pack at the beginning of Ultimate Team, I was given a 70 OVR Vontae Davis, and then 84 OVR, but only with a few key items, which I can now upgrade to 75.

Madden 18 MUT Team Tokens

we’ll need his base card and a Colts Silver Token, but to take him to 84 OVR, we’ll need both a Gold and a Silver Colts Team Token in order to upgrade the Vontae Davis card to an 80 OVR, The items you’ll need to upgrade individual players are Team Tokens, which come in either Silver or Gold variants.

you’ll need to back out all the way to the first menu after you went into the ‘Upgrade Sets’ menu, and scroll all the way along to the right till you get to the ‘Team Tokens’ area, to obtain one of these elusive Silver or Gold tokens. you’ll find item sets to unlock Silver, Gold, and Elite Team Tokens, each of which require a number of cards, In here.

How to Earn MUT Team Tokens

MUT Team Tokens unfortunately can’t be purchased in the auction house, nor can they be traded for on the trade block. Instead, you’ll have to find them in packs (although the odds are slim), or complete item sets in order to earn them.

Each Team Token requires a number of cards in order to be unlocked – for example the Bears Gold Team Token requires 10 Gold Bears players, all ranked between 70 and 79 OVR. Silver Team Tokens are easier to obtain than this, as they instead require 12 Silver players from any teams, ranked between 60 and 69 OVR.

It’s certainly a slog, and there’s even debate among the MUT community as to whether these player upgrades are even worth the effort, as they require some expensive Elite items in the later stages. But, if you do happen to have an NFL Stars player lying around, it could be well worthwhile to merely upgrade them once.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Best Players to Upgrade

so once you’ve got hold of some, which players should you prioritise upgrading over others? So, obtaining Team Tokens is by no means an easy job,

Skill players undoubtedly have a larger impact on your average game of Madden than any other players, to it’s best to go with quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, cornerbacks, and safeties over any other positions. For starters, you definitely want to go with skill position players, over any players on the offensive or defensive lines.

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