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EA Sports ditch the current game engine that will be good for FIFA 17

by myadmin

EA Sports will be officially ditch the current game engine they use in FIFA games. All the FIFA games since 2013 had ignite engine but the Canadian game developers are going to move on to a better platform for their football simulation video games.

The ignite engine was not only used in FIFA games but it was a part of every Sports Game developed by EA. The engine was a latest tech back then, which would give close to perfect visual presentation of the sport and could be easily module into any platform when needed.

According to a global game reporter, GameInformer, EA will be using Frostbite engine on most of their new games from now. They have found a more accurate engine for FIFA 17 says GameInformer as they claim that EA are going to use engine previously used by NFS (Need for Speed) games.

Developed by Battlefield creative development team, Dice, Frostbite are still powering many games like Dragon Age, Mirror’s Edge, Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed. EA are going to use a modified version of this piece of technology as they strive to make their game better than before.
We could easily see EA using the same engine for its other Sports game franchise that includes Madden, NHL and NBA Live.

We can predict that this transition to a newer engine only be good for FIFA 17. Considering how great the latest Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront game was, we can hope to see the same type of graphics and visualization from FIFA 17 Coins.

How to manage and hatch Pokemon Eggs

by myadmin

Until game developers introduce trading, the only other way to collect Pokémon besides catching and evolving them is by hatching Pokémon eggs. You collect Pokémon eggs as rewards for leveling up, and randomly at Pokéstops. Eggs do require a couple things in order to hatch, however.

First, you’ll need an incubator. Trainers will be rewarded with an incubator with unlimited uses early on for leveling up, and you can collect limited-use incubators at Pokéstops. These are usually good for about three uses. Once you’ve got your egg in an incubator, you’ll need to walk. Each egg will have its own distance requirement, ranging from 2km, 5km, and 10km. Once you’ve walked the required distance, the egg will hatch. The longer the distance requirement, the more likely it will be a rarer or stronger Pokémon. However, don’t neglect hatching smaller eggs.

They still yield more experience and candies than if you were to catch the Pokémon. Note that while many Pokemon are hatchable from eggs, only the first level evolution or non-evolving Pokemon will hatch from eggs. Keep in mind you can only hold nine eggs at a time, and any excess eggs you get from Pokéstops will be discarded. Such being the case, keep your eggs incubated and hatch them as quickly and often as you can so not to miss out on any rare Pokémon.

Lucky Eggs
Lucky Eggs are in-game items that you receive after hitting level 9, or you can purchase them in the shop. They double the amount of experience points you collect in a span of 30 minutes.

One trick you can use to level up quicker is to hold onto every type of Pokémon you catch. Then, activate a Lucky Egg and begin evolving your common Pokémon. While doing this, you should also try to activate a Lure Module or Incense to catch as many Pokémon as you can — that also doubles the amount of experience points you get. Fighting a friendly or enemy gym helps, too. Doing all this will maximize the amount of points you can get, and it’s all doubled thanks to the Lucky Egg.

Some final Pokemon Go tips for expert players

by myadmin

If you manage to beat all the Pokémon at a given gym and lower its prestige to zero, you can take over it. You’ll have to assign a Pokémon to defend the gym, and if multiple trainers in your team add Pokémon (depending on the gym level), the one with the highest CP becomes the gym leader. You may even come across an unclaimed gym while wandering around. If you do, post up one of your stronger Pokémon to defend it on behalf of your team. Be aware that putting a Pokémon in a gym means it will be unavailable until it is defeated and returned to you.

Unfortunately, maintaining control of a gym does not impart any bonuses or benefits to your Pokémon; it simply increases the prestige of the gym, and a higher prestige means more trainers can add Pokémon to defend it. So, maybe don’t leave you’re highest level Pokémon behind — they could be gone for a long time.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying to power up your team and take on as many gyms as possible, as every day you maintain control of a gym nets you daily bonus items, including stardust and Pokécoins. You can claim these rewards by going to the Shop. Look for the icon in the upper right. You’re eligible for rewards the moment you claim the gym, so it’s a good idea to grab them immediately, before someone else has a chance to knock you out of it.

Want to know what your Pokémon’s strengths are? As we mentioned earlier, every Pokémon in the game has “individual values” for attack, defense, and stamina that dictate how powerful it can become over time. If you are curious about how strong your Pokémon can become, you can have your Pokémon “appraised” by your faction’s gym leader, which will generate a message based on their individual values.  To appraise a Pokémon, tap the button in the bottom center of the screen…

Some final Pokémon Go tips for expert players. At this point, you’ve got all the info you need to begin you quest to catch ’em all, and excel at being a Pokémon trainer. Before long, you’ll have a cadre of high-powered Pokémon and probably a few gym captures to your name. However, there’s always more to learn, such as being able to check the server status before you head out. Here are a few more final miscellaneous tips to help you.

Walk, don’t ride: Walking and running is better than playing on the bus or train, as it will be easier for the game to accurately know your GPS position. Also, please don’t play while driving a car or riding a bike. Not only is this extremely dangerous and hazardous to others, your catching skills will suffer due to your lack of attention. If you need to catch a Pokémon while driving, bring a friend along to play in the passenger seat. Even this can be problematic though, as moving at high speeds will sometimes confuse the servers, which, in turn, can mess up the appearance of Pokémon. Moving too quickly can also cause Pokéstops to stop working properly, and can prove problematic when you’re trying to cover more distance.

Keep the app open: Yes, Pokémon Go can be a battery hog, but if you’re serious about finding Pokémon and hatching your eggs efficiently, then try to keep the app open and running for as long as possible. Of course, only do so if you can manage the distraction. Keep it off while driving or operating vehicles, stay aware of your surroundings, and don’t drain your battery just for a potential shot at a Dratini. But, if you’re in a suitable location, and can spare the battery life, then what are you waiting for?