Chronicle fragments occur frequently ray of colonies around the orange sphere. rs gold When you have the opportunity to gain from the spring to lay eggs about 1/25. Chronicle will only give you a short time, but if you do not get caught it every individual will be able to see and seize it. They will get caught up in your X10 hunter XP.

You can accommodate 30 chronicle of time, but once you have 10, ancient spawning rate will begin to slow down, you can take them to Guthix shrine or talking on the Lumbridge crater battle divination Western camp may Stormbrewer. Doing so will earn you a small amount depending on your level of XP. After chronicle transfer, you need a way to return to the wisps as soon as possible. Handing in the chronicle only worth it if you have a sixth circuit of age, from the pursuit of the world wake reward if you meet the bonus requirements.

For Falador, viewers village, Rellekka, Karamja and Canifis wisps, magnet teleport to return to these sites are the easiest way to strands. In Lumbridge, you can hand the divination camp chronicle, so you do not have to worry about here. In Varrock plume is more difficult – here is a pain to return, most likely the best way home teleport to Al Kharid, and take the gnome glider. This requires the completion of the task tree. The deployment of the army plume is simple – you can use the duel ring, or tree spirit. Elf tree needs a tree gnome village to complete the task. Ancient hall can easily return to your age, the sixth circuit ring, or otherwise use magnets to Eagle Peak and run south.

Master Arena wisps need Tokkul – Alonzo Mourning, which requires the completion of the task of the elders of the kiln, as well as a staff of the moon / Dramen, and has begun to seek the second part of the fairy tale – cure the Queen. (After the end of the third part of the fairy tale is not a need for staff – Battle Orc rift). In the chronicle to you, teleport to the cave after the fight, and run north and use the fairy ring. Then teleport to have primary ring porous bacteria dungeon entrance – Code B I P. run south and you’ll find wisps.

For Dragontooth Island wildfire, you need a ectophial, which requires a lot of fun looking for ghosts, you’ll need to use a Ghostspeak amulet, which need not stable ghost task, a Cramulet, this needs to be part of the partially completed task not evil way, Morytania hard or completing tasks set. Use your ectophial, South Phasmatys hit port and onto the dock. Find ghost sailor who is standing next to a small row boat, a journey with him – this is a need ghostspeak part – you will find wisps.

The desert wisps are considered not worth the surrender, but if you do, all it takes is to complete the desert of the Working Group. Amulet desert 2 has infinite delivery point to Nardah, and thence due south ran Sophanem, you’ll find wisps.

The Poison Waste wisps are not difficult to get back, but can be easier to use certain settings. rs 07 gold One method involves the use of a duel to Castle Wars, and from there west to run rings. Another involves using dueling ring to mobilize the army, and ask you to seek to be halfway through Glouphrie, grab a MITH road, and crossbows. Deputy crossbow grab work with, which means you can still use your Yaktwee stick.