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Detailed Introduction of Helmets & Headgear in RuneScape

by myadmin

What are you wearing on your head is considered helmet of headgear. rs gold These measures include regular helmet, hats, masks and other items.

Medium Helmet: Although they are smaller and provide less money, they do not deny the magic and ranging much. Full helmet: full helmet helmet provides better protection than medium, but using a full-face helmet when people simply because of blocked vision casting magic or ranged weapon is more difficult.

There are many hats around RUNESCAPE decoration can be purchased or found, but they do not give any bonuses. Christmas hats: this gives a rare holiday items unguarded bonus. Early in RuneScape classic, it gives a little magic bonus. Party Hats: most valuable, scarce and expensive hats around, giving no defensive bonus. Halloween mask: Green H’ween MaskAnother expensive holiday packages, let unguarded bonus. Bunny ears: rabbit EarsAn untradeable resort project, so no prize money, but from the Varrock clothing store, if you are not careful to regain lost.

Treasure Trail hat is only for appearance rather than statistics. Chompy Hats: from Chompy get killed, they look like a turban, but give no bonus. Desert disguise: the task of getting the feud, which makes you have a fake beard. Bearhead: Mithril / steel equivalent to the mountain sub quests. This is untradeable, if lost, the tribal chief in the mountains to get it back.

As for other Headgear, including Goblin Mining Helmet, Gold Helmet, Spiny Helmet, Tiaras. Quality of the iron, the helmet can be obtained from the lost tribes by Tasks goblin miners. It can be used 65 Firemaking lit. Golden Helmet: designed for mission between rock, steel or equivalent helmets Mithril. Thorn helmet: the helmet is equivalent to the steel wall to prevent hurt you too much from the beast. Imperial crown: consisting of silver, they are so small, they give no real defense, and all they do is give you, and Runecrafting an extra inventory space.

There are two main types of body armor: chain mail and plate armor. Chain mail by connecting together a small ring. It is used to cut away arms and absorbing “crush” attack effects are particularly useful. Chain stabbing weapon against small pointy blades can become weak through the ring. Chain is quite flexible, so use long-range weapons, it will not bring any shortcomings.

Plate armor is much heavier than the chain stronger, although Rangers and mages find it incredibly difficult to use in conjunction with fire arrows or spells. Plate armor is weakest against crushing damage, because it can not absorb the impact, and it can be cut or stabbed against attack. Runic Plate not been worn to Slayer task has been completed.

There are two main shield: square and kite. buy rs gold Although they look similar, the difference between them. There are also various other types of RuneScape and shield. Square shield is a crushing attack the weak, but it is neither punishment nor bonuses ranging and maging. Not many know that the advantages of this type of shield, so they are not very common. Kite shields have better overall defense, but they are weak against stab attacks against weaker magic. Most people use them, and are readily available.

Some of other tools about Jewelry in RuneScape

by myadmin

Chisel comes first, Chisel can be used to cut stones, so that they can be placed in jewelry. rs gold To start making jewelry, the use of silver or gold (depending on what you want to do) and furnace bar. Graphics screen will come up with what you can do to choose from. You can elaborate objects will be in color, but you can not do things that would be gray.

Getting good at drafting, you’ll organic gemstone jewelry, maximize capacity and make it more valuable, to give more experience a little better after the top. The first thing you need to cut gems, in your inventory when you make jewelry. Then, just select what you want to craft jewelry. Gems can be sold either in Al Kharid or Falador gem dealers.

Crushed gems, If you do not cut them opals, jade and red topaz can become crushed gems. A small amount of experience you will still get. You can also crush them with a hammer. Moreover, ring members can enchant more powerful, add some interesting effects when used. Conventional and magic rings can be worn in your hand, and you can cancel revel Port Sarim jewelers sell those. Check the magic about Enchanting more information.

Necklace general no other purpose, just look expensive, in addition to binding Burthorpe playroom necklace necklace, magic instructions manual. They can also be sold to a jeweler in Port Sarim. Besides, Bracelets are similar, because they can give them special effects while intoxicated and other jewelry fashion worn by a magical spell of enchantment. These can be worn with gloves and location. See further information on different magic bracelet in enchantment section.

What’s more, you can craft a most valuable item is a talisman. They give a wealth of experience, the greater its value, and they can be fascinated. Check the magic about Enchanting more information. Silver items needs to mold the object, as well as a silver bullion. Just use a silver ingot mold equipped with a furnace at the same time, you can choose from a list of items that you want to do.

Holy Symbols, the necklace is a powerful icon, crafted to honor the god Saradomin. You need to craft a symbol of divine mold. When it’s a blessing, and with it will increase your prayer +8 plus equipment, resulting in a slower rate of drainage of prayer. These items will give the same bonus, your prayers as a holy symbol, but their membership. Make one, you need to get from the spirit Scorpio after completion of the task in the north of the cemetery Observatory Observatory evil mold.

Silver sickle. These items are used in the natural spirit of the pursuit, is a member only. They need a sickle mold. buy rs gold For more information about the symbol of evil and holy blessing, check Prayer Guide. Tiaras, these items are used in Runecrafting and you need a crown mold. Just craft, you would do any other silver items, and then bring it to your chosen altar Runecrafting, along with the same type of talisman headdress. Then, the Crown Talisman will simply use it to enchant that type of Talisman. Now, you can wear it, and you can visit the temple! Check out Runecrafting guide for more information.

Some information about Construction in RuneScape

by myadmin

In RuneScape, construction is a skill that allows you to do all sorts of things, including toys, furniture, house, decoration, public housing and other cool furniture for their own players. rs gold You can even develop other skills in your own house players, but there are some cool things you can do, such as a party or create a death trap other players, trying to complete a prize. Now, I will make a brief introduction about its’ basics.

First of all, to begin with, you will want to buy some land 1,000gp from realtors. There are several places where you can find these characters, including: Varrock, Falador, the viewer Village, East Ardougne. Once you talk to him, ask him about getting your own house, and then buy a 1,000gp. After the payment, you will get a building books, now you can enter your house. So, head to Rimmington – This is the location of your house. Eventually, you can move it to an available position one after another, but now, you would like to live in the city, where – not much will happen.

Secondly, getting to your house. Now, just the northern Rimmington and you should see a glowing purple portal. That is you can enter your newly purchased land to build your house, and friends. Go to your house – your own house. In this mode, you can not build any furniture, which is how other players will see your house.

Next, go to your house (building mode) – take you to your house and let you build furniture, rooms and belt, make your home in RuneScape objects interact. You can not edit your house any other way. Remember: If you have already set up a bank PIN code, you need to enter your home to go to when in construction mode.

Then, go to a friend’s house – enter your friend’s name into his or her house! As long as they are in their own house, rather than in “building mode” and allow other players to enter (which is just a little explanation), you can go to their house. To leave a Player Owned house, or go back through the portal, or to the house of the Options menu, then choose “to leave home.”

If you have 40 Magic, you can cast a spell to teleport the House is transferred directly to your home or outside the portal. To switch this, open your house menu under “Teleport when arriving at the” Select “internal” or “gateway.” This spell requires 1 Law 1 Earth rune and 1 air cast. In your player control menu, you will see an option to “house option” called. When you click the menu button, you’ll see a new menu, allowing you to do a few things with your house.

First, you must build mode option, and let your building mode and normal mode to switch between. So you can build your house building mode, and then switch to normal mode, to see what it looks like, your visitors. Next, you will have the option to be there after you will teleporting. Select “At portal” to spawn outside of the portal, or “In house” to spawn in your house. Lastly, you have to expel your guests, buy rs gold which means you can kick everyone out of options if you want. If you throw a wild party in your parents out of town, which is particularly useful, but they go home. Finally, you can choose to leave your house.

All kinds of different weapons in RuneScape

by myadmin

This section will introduce the different weapons in Runescape, as well as their advantages. rs gold Hope it can help you understand RuneScape more deeply.

Dagger, Dagger is the most basic weapon in the game. Fast and flexible weapon when poisoned dagger is the most useful. Its speed will give you an advantage in the low defense monsters and players. It is a single hand. Advantage: Speed and the ability to be poisoned.

Training Short Sword, in Lumbridge, you will encounter an attacker tutor, who will give you a free training dagger. This product (like all other training programs) can not be dropped or traded to other players. Advantage: Speed.

Short Swords, the short sword is fast weapon mainly used for stabbing. They deal a little more damage than daggers, but they are not as good as sword. Best to stick with a long knife, if you can afford. 1 hands. Advantage: Speed .

Claws, Claws are nearly the same as daggers, and they are just as fast as them. They cannot be poisoned. They are 2 Handed and Members only. You must complete the Death Plateau Quest to make them. Advantage: Speed.

Scimitars, the Scimitar is the most common weapon throughout the F2P world. Scimitar good compromise between speed and power proved to be a very popular weapon of most players. This weapon will give you an advantage of low defense monsters and players. It is a single hand. Advantage: Fast speed and moderate strength.

Long Swords, Dragon Sword is another popular weapon in the game. They also have a good compromise between speed and power. Weapons sword popular members usually choose weapons on walking in the wilderness, while the members of the world. It is a single hand. Advantage: Moderate speed and moderate strength.

Battle Axes, Battle Axes are slow but strong. They are commonly used in the game, and as a treatment of high damage without being deleted your shield affect your defense. They opposed high and low defense monsters and players good, because it attacks. 1 hands. Advantage: High damage without compromising Defense.

2-Handed Swords, suspicious to the most powerful weapon in RUNESCAPE, but not the most widely used. Due to their size, you must have a band, yes, your hands, so you can not use a shield 2 handed sword. Nevertheless, two handed sword is considered by most RUNESCAPE classic “best” weapon, because of its general powers. When this change, the introduction of new RUNESCAPE, and speed 2 handed sword became a problem. Always a good weapon, it shows your biggest hit, but now somewhat neglected in other ways. In addition, when a cloaked figure and 2 handed sword equipped, bottom cloak moving back and forth. rs 07 gold Advantage: Very high damage.

Detailed combat skills in Runescape

by myadmin

There are 26 skills in Runescape, including five categories: combat skills, collection of resources, processing skills, independent skills and comprehensive skills. Now, I will make a brief introduction of one of those skills–Combat skills.

Attack, this technique can be used to enhance the more weapons, and to improve the yardstick close physical attack, in other words, the higher the “attack” skill level, the easier it close physical attacks hit the enemy. rs gold Strength, this technique can be improved to enhance the power of physical attack at close range, in other words, the higher the strength of the skill level, the physical attack damage near the hit max is higher.

Defense, this technique allows you to enhance the wear more armor types, so that to reduce the enemy’s hit rate, but the “defense” higher the skill level, the greatest damage was caused by enemy players will not reduce. Ranged, this technique can be improved to enhance the long-range physical attack power, accuracy, in other words, the higher the “archery” skill level, the more likely long-range physical attacks to hit the enemy and cause serious injury. Use this skill from the bow most can get back in after the battle, a few will loss.

Magic, reach a certain level you can open other more advanced magic, and the magic players who use magic Runes is consumed, this technique can also be improved to enhance the power of lower-level magic attacks, yardstick. In other words, the higher of magic skill level, the lower spells more easily to hit the enemy and caused serious damage. Magic skills not only for combat, high magic can be gold, instant transfer and magic injection etc.. With the use of different bows, Runes will not be retrieved, so the magic is considered to be more expensive skills.

Prayer, also translated Buddha, you can open other more advanced technology prayer, to gain an advantage in the battle after reach a certain level, but will consume points. For example, from the Thick Skin (an increase of 5% of the defense force), Clarity of Thought (a 5% increase attack accuracy), as well as Protect Item, Steel Skin (an increase of 15% of the defense force), Ultimate strength (an increase of 15% attack power), Protect from melee (completely ignoring the melee physical attacks from monsters and reduce the player due to injury), etc. The more advanced technique, the faster of prayer points consumed. The easiest technique to enhance the prayer experience method is to bury the enemy after their bones, but few empirical values obtained in this way. If you get experience faster than the value, you can use the bones of the house belonging to the player inside the gilded altar. In this way, you can get 3.5 times the value of the experience. And internationally the most commonly used is the dragon bone, the bones if buried 72 points experience value was obtained, but in the gilded altar can get 252 points, members can buried in the highest level of prayer, but non members can only be buried to 40 until 50 the prayer realm.

Constitution, after the creation of the character, the player’s physical strength start to 10, rs gold for sale life points for physical strength multiplied by 10. Life value of 0, then death, death will be sent to the Respawn Point. Summoning, the use of monster for foreign aid, different monsters have different functions, you can also keep pets, there are some pets can help players to complete the task.